How Sports are Going to help You?

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game

Sports, how enticing it was while growing up but how unfortunate it that we have left it when we all are “grown-up”. The irony is that primarily we were stopped by other to play games and now we stop ourselves from playing them. But do you know sports have a magical effect on mental growth too apart from physical health? Here is how sports are going to help you:

  • Sports can improve our mood

Endorphins, which are happy hormones, are released in the body with any form of physical activity. These chemicals stimulate happiness and relaxation. This simply explains why we feel so good after a match of badminton or simply after running a mile. The best thing is it doesn’t have to be all intense. It can be as elementary as Table tennis or as tiring as running and playing football. What matters is- you have to get on your feet, which will increase your heart rate and triggers happy mood. No wonder, kids are always happy as soon as they are even allowed to play.

  • Playing sports can help in improving concentration

Playing sports can actually help in keeping the mind intact. It helps in improving mental skills such as concentration ability of the brain, critical thinking as well as learning. Also playing sports from the tender age can help in the prevention of several cognitive and neurological disorders in later years of life. These disorders primarily include ADHD, which is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Alzheimer, etc. So don’t stop your kids from indulging in any sports activity.

  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety

Stress levels among children and youth have seen to be on the extensive rise for last many years. But for last two to three decades, there is a significant rise in cases registered with acute depression as well. At such a tender age, where they haven’t even lived any life, stress and depression are becoming major causes of suicide. Playing sports can help in reducing the level of stress hormones. As mentioned earlier it eventually leads in the release of Endorphins, happy hormones. This is one effective manner in reducing stress and prevents the development of depression as well. So grab your bat and hit hard on all these stress and anxiety strokes.

  • It helps in improving sleep quality

People are generally complaining more and more about how they are unable to sleep well or how they are continuously facing problems of insomnia. Playing sports can help you in this situation. Playing sports on regular basis makes you tired which helps you in falling asleep and gradually deepens it as well. The only thing to makes sure is that you don’t have to play too close to bedtime. This will “backfire” you as you feel more energized. But, anyways it is one effective way to get a good sleep.

So don’t restrain yourself or sit and binge watch the TV, get into any sport, your favorite or anything you want to learn.

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