How To Boost Your Energy Without Depending On Caffeine? Learn This With These 5 Easy Tips

In the hub-bub of life, staying focused all day while being consistent with the productivity level is quite difficult. And in this difficult time, many of us find our solace in caffeine. But even you know how harmful it is for your body. So for this post, we are sharing a few tips and changes you can make to avoid caffeine. Here it goes:

A cold shower to wake your senses up

Those extra minutes of sleep in the morning surely feels like heaven but they did give you a hard time leaving your bed. Do you find it difficult as well just to get up and get going in the morning? Then jump in the shower. It may sound a bit difficult but the cold shower will actually help you. You obviously have to start with a hot shower which is very warm and soothing for the body, you can then gradually turn the temperature down. Don’t just rush in cold shower. As you find yourself standing under a cold shower then, you can start with rinsing your legs first, then your arms and finally the rest of the body.

Small meals in every two to three hour

Instead of hogging over a heavy meal, you should eat small meals throughout the day. Yes, it is proven much effective as your body will have a steady supply of energy. When you have heavy meals, your energy is wasted in digesting the food which hinders the oxygen supply in the brain. And this reduced supply articulates itself in the form of fatigue. Eating small meals, switching to healthy snacks are some of the habits you can adopt to keep your energy levels up.


Exercise is obviously the best way to perk you up. You don’t have to have a hardcore session at the gym or run a marathon but moderate exercise can help in starting your day off strong.

Something invigorating in the morning

Many people have confessed that they are so addicted to caffeine that starting a day without coffee is nothing less than a nightmare. They need their daily dose of caffeine, first thing in the morning to get them going. This addiction is harmful. So if you are also looking for healthy alternatives, start your day with a glass of water. Yes, have a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. To make it more refreshing, add a slice of fresh lemon.

Hydrating your body is necessary. Dehydration often leads to headaches and fatigue. It also keeps you active and alert throughout the day.

Essential oils

Essential oils are not there just to elude soul-stirring fragrances but they are beneficial for your health as well. So if you’re looking for a better alternative of coffee to boost your energy, essential oils are very effective. You obviously can’t drink it but you can try holding the bottle under your nose and inhale their fragrance. It is quite equivalent. Lemon oil is proven effective for the kick start. Other than that you can have peppermint oil for your hands. It will keep them moisturized and you can breathe it deeply to perk all those senses up.

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