How to Deal with Sudden Anxiety Attacks During Exams

Exams are just around the corner. Feeling all stressed up? Even though you have prepared it all, there is a sudden anxiety attack and you just don’t know how to deal with it? Well, continue reading these tips that will help you in dealing up with sudden anxiety attacks during exams:

  • Get all prepared for exams:

Well, that seems to be quite an obvious tip but is significant as well. Only when you feel confident about your preparations for the exam, you will be more confident about the exam. For preparations, you can take online tests as they are one effective and more realistic manner to be all prepared for the test.

  • A healthy sleep is necessary:

Most of the times, our brain is ineffective in its functioning only because it is sleep deprived. Cramming is not the solution to score well in exams. Students tend to avoid sleep and pull out their studies for the whole night which is unhealthy and can lead to exacerbation of nerves. Hence it is advised to have a good sleep for the night. You can wake up early to reread or revise any chapters. But don’t avoid your goodnight sleep for “few extra marks” as it is totally unhealthy.

  • Your body and your mind need fuel as well:

From the archaic times, our ancestors have emphasized upon taking breakfast and the benefits of it. It is the first meal of the day and is very substantial. You should eat a healthy breakfast in the morning and you can pack some for the rest of the day. Breakfast is the first meal and hence should be healthy. It can be addressed as the fuel for the body to carry on for the rest of the day efficiently.

  • Have a positive mindset

Mantras like “I am a terrific beast”, “I can do this”, etc are helpful in having a positive mindset in exams. Always remember, a positive mindset can lead you farther and unveil the prospects you can’t even imagine. You can so it and you will do it, just have a positive mental attitude and take the lead.

  • Carefully read the directions

Only the unknown fear us. The things we know or are versed with never terrifying us. Hence it is suggested to read the instructions and guidelines of the exam carefully. It will help you to understand the thing in a more effective manner. For instance, you are supposed to write a comparative essay and your approach is analytical, then it’s all in vain. Careful study of instructions and questions let you understand the things in a more coherent manner and you can answer it in the alliance. Also, it helps you to stay focused.

  • Watch out for the “time”

Yes, you have to stay all calm and relaxed but that doesn’t mean you pull it out so casually that you are unable to accomplish it within a particular time frame. Often students make up mistakes at last minutes when there is a pressure to complete it with very few minutes remaining. The secret tip is to keep a pace from the very beginning. Allocate your time and then stick to it. It will help you in prioritizing the things effectively.

Don’t Worry, you have got it all, Good Luck…

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