How to Decorate a Christmas Tree?

A beautiful dazzling CHRISTMAS TREE... your family singing around it... a room filled with Christmas carols and waves of laughter... garden covered in snow... the mere imagination of Christmas is so enchanting. Finally, Christmas time is here. Have you got all your present? Have you got a Christmas tree? What about its decoration this time? How are you planning to do it? We know amidst the joyous vibes of the holiday, decorating Christmas tree is one of a task. Here’s how you can easily decorate your Christmas tree:

Illuminating Christmas tree with Lights:

The first tip that will go in decorating the Christmas tree is to decorate it with lights. These lights which are quite specific for Christmas tree decorations come in green or white strands. Though there are many variants as well, these two are classic. The tip is to choose the color which exactly matches with the color of your tree so the strands are not visible. Decorating Christmas tree with these lights is one way to make it all illuminating and dynamic. You can start wrapping this light from the trunk and then going all the way up to the tip.

Fortunately, we have got whole variety in lights too. There are traditional incandescent lights that are available in different sizes and color. Their specialty is that they warm up the branches of the tree which results in the tree to release the sweet scent of pine. Then there are globe lights which are round like globes and come in different sizes. Using them for decorations is like illuminating the tree with beautiful balls of light. LED lights are quite popular as well for Christmas tree decorations. They are fireproof and completely safe to use in decorating the Christmas tree. You can use different lighting schemes for your Christmas tree and let it steal the “LIMELIGHT”.

Using garland for Christmas tree:

A draped garland is one conventional way to decorate the Christmas tree. These look quite alluring and add something traditional to the tree as well. You can use a whole variety of garland to decorate your Christmas tree. Beaded garlands when draped or hung from branch to branch ascend the whole appearance of the tree making it look most visually spectacular. Paper garlands or ribbons or foil garlands are quite popular too and they add a very casual yet beautiful flair to the tree.

Finally, it’s time to hand the Christmas tree ornaments:

This is the final step wherein you will be hanging the ornaments on Christmas tree. The best way to ornament your Christmas tree is to hang your favorite one in prime position. This ensures that they are visible to every guest. Followed by your favorite ones are the larger ornaments that can be hanged evenly around the tree. They will cover the space very efficiently. The pro tip is to use them carefully and closely to the trunk. They will look more interesting as well as alluring there. You can finish it up by adding little special ornaments like icicles, etc.


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