How to Decorate Your Room with Window Roller Shades

For utility and aesthetic appearance, it’s hard to go wrong with window roller shades. They are exceptionally efficient at controlling the amount of exterior light allowed into a room, and they can be customized to suit any color or design scheme imaginable.

Conversely, how to decorate a room to incorporate window roller shades so that they blend seamlessly can take some planning and effort. If you aren’t sure how or where to start, check out our tutorial for creating the perfect look in any room with window roller shades.


Since the mid 20th century, roller shades have been incorporated in window treatment design as a means of controlling exterior light levels while providing an aesthetically pleasing feature to each window. Patterns and designs on roller shades have been used to complement room design using the windows themselves as a type of frame.

The secret to effective framing with modern roller shades is to decorate the window frame in such a way to make it blends seamlessly with the roller shades. By relying on the slim profile and using a simple design or muted color choice, it is easy to create an elegant effect when the shades are drawn or partially drawn without distracting from the view.

You can dress them up or dress them down as you see fit, but the most important aspect to consider is how the windows will frame the roller shades for particular effect. One you know how your windows frame the shades, you can decide whether you want a more sophisticated look, or if you want to keep things minimalist.

Colors and Patterns

While many rooms can benefit from an all white color palette for your roller blinds, not every room is suited to a minimalist look. Fortunately, there are hundreds of patterns, colors and designs you can install that will accent and highlight both your decor and any window treatments you choose to incorporate.

Our selection at Starwood Distributors is certain to have something that will suit any room in your home regardless of your taste or preferred aesthetic. After you’ve decided how your windows will frame your roller shades, and you select a color or pattern that suits the room, you are ready to consider what type of valance best suits your room design.


Window roller shades are the first choice for any designer or homeowner seeking a no-frills look for window treatments. That being said, it’s not your only option, especially where the mounting valance is concerned. You can choose from patterned plastic or engraved metal for a more modern look, or go with fabric to infuse a softer, warmer visual effect.

As with window treatments, you can choose valances as ornate or as plain as you want them to be. Once you’ve got your framing, color/pattern and valance design thought out, you’re ready to start looking at the purpose of the room where you are installing your roller shades and how they will impact the utility of the room.


Take some time to consider why you are installing roller shades in a particular room as opposed to other types of window treatments. Are you trying to control light levels during the day without installing a dimmer switch? Is privacy your primary concern? Does the thermal shielding of certain types of roller shades factor into your decision-making process?

These are all important considerations, but before you go installing valances and roller shades, you need to think these factors over if you are looking to achieve both a preferred aesthetic form and functionality. The purpose for your roller shades also has a direct impact on whether or not to incorporate drapery, which is our next topic for your consideration.


In many rooms, roller shades can easily hold their own as a design feature while still looking stylish and suiting the room perfectly. They are, however, also an ideal companion to drapery in any application or design scheme. Additionally, if you are looking to keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, thermal drapes are an excellent way to help keep the room temperature stable all year long.

The combination possibilities are infinite, especially considering that you can choose from thousands of drapery colors and designs to complement any of the thousand roller shade color palettes and patterns.

Consider the following: do you want to match the pattern on the roller shades to the material of the drapes, or do you prefer to complement them with a pleasing contrast? Are ornate drapes your preferred aesthetic, or do minimalist drapes better suit your design plans for the room? To drape or not to drape is a matter of personal taste, but they are one of the best ways to add a chic sophistication to even the plainest of roller shades. After sorting out the drapery question, it’s time for the final factor: roller shade material.


Many designers love woven wood roller shades for the warm organic feel they provide, and they can be used to great effect in almost any room design. Others prefer to install sheer roller shades as they are more aesthetically pleasing, but don’t provide the same level of privacy as other roller shades. You can eliminate this privacy issue while installing drapery, but you will need to make sure you consider this when choosing roller shade material.

Still others like to layer a pattern over a pattern, choosing a material that has a unique texture overlaid with a complementary color pattern. This choice can really make your roller shades pop, especially if the patterns are complementary contrasts to the drapes as well. Choosing roller shade material is all about balance, and it’s important to plan around that balance to get the most out of your shades and achieve your ideal room design.

All in all, window roller shades are an excellent design choice for decorating any room. There is a significant amount of thought and planning that must be done to implement them effectively, but if you are willing to put in the work, the rewards are well worth it.

Are you a Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston or San Antonio local homeowner looking to spruce up your room design with beautiful, high quality window roller shades? Starwood Distributors in Dallas has the inventory and know-how to help you create your ideal room design. Contact us today or visit our website to get started on your perfect window treatment design for every room in your home.

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