How To Get Rid of Chapped Lips?

Facing the problem and the pain of chapped lips? It seems like they come out of nowhere and there is no season to avoid them completely. In summer it’s due to excessive heat, in winter it’s because they are all dry and chilled with winter winds and the same goes for spring and even for fall. If you too are facing this issue, then this article is just for you as we are discussing some remedies that can help in getting rid of Chapped lips. Here it goes:

1. A good lip balm is all you need

Yes, you need a good lip balm to get rid of chapped lips. While buying a lip balm, don’t just rush in making the choice simply based on the brand name. Many lip balms of the famous brands constitute ingredients that might soothe your chapped lips but not effective for longer periods.

For instance, you are all drooled over that mint flavoured lip balm in summers due to the cool sensation it adds to your lips. But it might come as a bummer to you that mint is drying and is not the ideal solution for chapped lips as it is worsening the situation. There are many drying ingredients which are used in lip balms like phenol, menthol, etc. It’s better to avoid flavoured lip balms and go for lip balms that are rich in moisturising and soothing ingredients.

2. Exfoliate them

There is a layer of dry skin that forms on the chapped lips which prevent these moisturising elements reach the right are. Therefore to get rid of this unwanted layer, it is necessary to exfoliate your lips. You can have lip scrubs or just have a mixture of brown sugar and extra virgin coconut oil as it will serve the same. Gently exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dry skin.

3. Avoid smoking

The skin around the lips is very sensitive. Smoking often irritates this skin which leads to dry lips. Therefore people who smoke regularly have more cracks in these dry lips. Smoking can cause other serious problems as well like gum pain and even mouth ulcers. Once you stop smoking, you can see the effect on the lips immediately as the skin around it starts healing.

4. Hydrate your lips

Dehydration is the major reason for most of the problems our body has to go through. Our lips are no different and dehydration is the major culprit behind those chapped and cracked lips. Therefore the best you can do is to drink water regularly to keep yourself hydrated. Make it a habit that you have to stick to throughout the day.

These are some of the remedies that work wonders. So don’t fuss over your chapped lips and get all ready to rock your look with your favourite lip shade. With these remedies, you will surely get rid of chapped lips.

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