How to Improve Mental Health At Workplace?

A major part of our lives is spending at our workplace. In fact, we live a major part of our life working and earning for a good future. But for this prosperous future, why do you want to put a stake on your mental health now? It is very important not only for the employees but for the employer as well to have a workplace with a healthy environment that will help in reducing stress rather than exacerbating it. Here’s how to ensure improved mental health at work:

1. Changes in behaviour are the primary signs that people start showing when they suffer from anxiety or depression. Hence make sure you start paying close attention to the behaviour of the people. Taking longer than usual in the routine tasks, not able to communicate properly with co-workers, not able to focus, trying to call in sick frequently are some of the common signs. Some of the person suffering pushes it a lot harder due to external pressure which only aggravates the issue. Therefore it is essential to know the signs of the problem.

2. A to-do list makes things a lot easier as it helps people to stay on track. Most of the times with all the tasks line up one after another, people started to feel overwhelmed which might lead to anxiety and depression. With a to-do list, people can easily prioritize what needs to be done and don’t forget the happiness of cutting an item.

3. “Taking a break” should be an essential part of the schedule. Don’t just lined up tasks in it. Make sure you take some time amidst the tasks for yourself as well. It can be a mid lunch break and going for a walk in it or plying something meanwhile. You can even have meditation amidst the work just to relax the mind and to resume with more enthusiasm and energy.

4. Staying hydrated is another stress buster. As people suffering from anxiety and depression often forget to take care of them and overlook the basics like drinking water regularly. Therefore try to stay hydrated as it can help people to be more centred and concentrated on work which automatically reduces the stressor effects in the workplace.

5. Another thing the people facing mental health issues can do is to stay away from workspace gossip. Though some people will tell you that it’s the only thing keeping them on toes in the workplace but believe us, it is one major reason that will cause stress in a longer period. You surely can vent about your problems with the colleagues as long as it is related to him or her. Don’t go bantering over the issue to any third party.

6. “Small and manageable goals”, that’s the way to approach and achieve what you think is unachievable at first place. Instead of approaching a big task in the whole, try to break it in small tasks. It will ensure that the work doesn’t seem daunting and you don’t give up or stress over it in middle.

Other than all these, if you feel like anything is troubling you or getting on your head, better get help than to suffer in silence.

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