IDEAS to Reset your Soul after a Bad Day

“So no one told you life is going to be this way”, after a long bad day these lyrics are all you have on your mind. Unfortunately many of us instead of overcoming it, just delve in it and spoil the rest of the day as well. So if you’re amongst those many and are looking for ways to just reset your soul after a bad day, here are few ideas:

Reach out to PEOPLE

How badly we wish sometimes that we could have kept better touch with few important people in our lives? The feeling suffocates sometimes when you’re having a bad day and you feel like like you have no one to talk to. Therefore it is necessary to reach out to people when you’re having a good day and when you’re having bad day. It will help you in improving your relationships with them and you have got someone to make your bad day a lot better.

It can be your aunt, you friend from school or college, you sibling or cousin, anyone you find you can talk to. Call them or drop a letter, anything to make up for all the lost time. You can friend your colleagues in the workspace as well as it will also help you in relieving the work stress.

Go for a walk

You can never imagine the wonder spelled by the fresh air. If you’re stuck indoors or have been at your home for whole day, go and try to take the walk and thank us later. Even amidst the work, try to step outside for five minutes if you can. A breath of fresh air is all you need sometimes to just hamster the wheel of negativity. And walk for no reason will give you many reasons to think and you can always come back with some good thoughts and hope.

Say a prayer

If you do believe in that almighty and all his super powers, then besides reaching out to people, you reach up or reach within as well. It really doesn’t matter which religion you belong to, just remember a little prayer can help you in reliving all the bad within and neutralise it with something more hopeful. You can do this as a tradition as well. It will not only help you in be grateful for all things you have, but you fell strong enough as well to overcome those bad days.

Let’s play the soul song

People are investing in music therapy. Yes the power of music is so extensive that people are sparing their time just to get infuse in those melodies. So, if you’re having a bad day, just sit and listen to one or two songs that you like. Unplug yourself from the world for those few minutes and just enjoy your most loved melodies. It is one great way to recharge yourself at work and to start over all again.

It doesn’t matter the kind of music you’re listening to. It can be soothing melody or something that pep-up your soul like a hip hop song which gives you the feeling of being nothing less than a “KING” or “QUEEN” or any pop melody that brings smile on your face. It can be anything from classic to contemporary. Make a playlist to ease it all down. The last thing you want is to scroll down to search that beat to calm your nerve down.

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