IDEAS to stay Happy Naturally

How to be happy? Isn’t it ironic that for something as elementary as happiness, we have to be dependent on other sources? Happiness lies within and you don’t have to find it or seek it somewhere else. Also, Mother Nature has got your back and holds abundant sources of happiness. So all you have to do is to open your curtains and let rays of happiness peeps in. Here we are discussing some simple ideas that you can adapt to stay happy naturally:

1. Let your place be enlightened by natural light

There are many studies that have shown that lack of sunlight is one of the biggest reasons for less productivity. Therefore many workspaces are investing a lot on installing the expensive daylighting systems. Even the buildings have got so many windows so that more and more sunlight can come in as it directly affects the productivity level.

You can follow this at your home as well. Instead of keeping everything in dark, try to keep your curtains and blinds open. Wake up with sunshine and bid adieu to all your stress levels.

2. Go outside for exercising

There is no doubt that exercise stimulates happy mood. It, in fact, stimulates the release of “happy hormone” in the body and so does sunlight. So why not combine the two and get double benefits. You can go for a run by waking up early.

In this way, you are indulging your body in exercises in broad daylight. Sunrays are also a good source of Vitamin D which increases the production of Melatonin, a sleep hormone in the body. This ensures you get better sleep at night as well. If you start doing it regularly, your body will get used to this cycle and you will automatically see reduced stress levels.

3. Say hello to happy foods

What? Yes, that’s the First thing that many of you are thinking after reading “happy foods”. Yes, they exist. You probably don’t know that bananas are happy food that will help in counteracting depression. What makes banana happy food? The answer is that bananas are rich in tryptophan which is converted to serotonin by the body. Serotonin is responsible for mood raising. Other than that bananas are a good source of magnesium that helps body muscles to relax. No wonder minions are all drooled over banana and look so happy all the time.

4. Believe in making new experiences

We know all the lives we have been taught to create a quality life. Unfortunately, many of us measure quality in terms of quantity. Therefore to be happy, you should start treasuring the experiences and not possessions. Remember the hiking trails with your family and friends will bring the idyllic smile on your face and not the crack of the deal. You have to work hard but don’t overlook other substantial joys and pleasures.

5. Start living in the moment

There is no doubt that only when you start living in the moment, you start cherishing life as it comes. Don’t fret over what’s coming or may not happen or how things turn out. Only when you start living and paying full attention, your stress levels will automatically low down. You don’t have to be too harsh to yourself, nor have you to give yourself any break. Just start concentrating on little joys of life. For instance, see the sun rising and how gradually the colour of the skies change. Start enjoying brunch outdoors with your friends. Don’t restrict yourself. Start living your Happy present instead of fretting for a happy future.

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