Indian Government Leading The World To Counter Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus has become a pandemic and a nightmare for the world economy as well. Almost 7500 casualties have been seen in different parts of the world and about 183116 cases of infections have been registered in several countries. Initially, the epicenter of the outbreak was China but steadily it has spread to more countries.

Due to rising cases and no cure or vaccine is available until now, the UN has declared an emergency. Nations are all together fighting against this epidemic and putting efforts on their own levels. Safety and precautions are the only treatments and cure at present to safeguard ourselves. The outbreak of Coronavirus has put all the economic activities on standstill and all markets are facing a recession-like situation.

Despite being a neighboring country of China, India has experienced minimal harm or damage due to the Covid-19. India was relatively unharmed for some time but now witnessing some fear getting in. fear is noticeable everywhere and the count has stood to touch 125 deaths. Though economists are expecting a lower economic fallout for India because of India’s reluctance to connect with China-led Asia supply chain. This reluctance and weak links with China in terms of visitor arrivals are the reasons for India’s minimum exposure to the Coronavirus.

Although the Coronavirus has an impact on the Indian economy. The manufacturing and export industry has witnessed a sharp decline. The Indian government is leading from the front and taking all the necessary steps to prevent the effect of Covid-19. India has already set an example by implying all the countering measurements. The whole world is lauding the alertness and strict efforts made by the Indian government and the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The government has followed a strict and comprehensive screening of visitors and travelers from other countries. All the suspects and travelers from affected nations are kept in quarantine until they are not examined and diagnosed completely. The government is providing all the required treatment, medicines, and facilities in quarantine areas. Even the government and authorities are reaching homes to whoever is infected with Covid-19.

The Health Ministry is issuing awareness advisories to tackle the situation. The Ministry has advised people to avoid public gatherings and stay at home. The government has put all the necessary medicines and medical types of equipment in the essential commodities category to make sure that there is no lack or shortage of preventive measures.

More than that the Indian government is extending hands to help other nations and nationals as well. Indian government rescued its citizens and other foreign citizens from Wuhan in a mission mode operation. Almost 1500 people have been rescued who were struck in other countries after the travel ban. India has banned the export of medicines and medical products that are sensitive and can be a cause to spread Covid-19. But after the request of Israel, India uplifts the ban and supplies the essential medicines as a good gesture.

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