Intermittent Fasting could Improve Obese Women's Health

With our busy lives, it has become quite challenging to maintain proper health. There is an imbalance in our nutritious diet and one of its consequences is obesity. There are a lot of people who stress about obesity and are willing to spend a crucial amount of money on gyms or weight loss program. There is, however, an easier way to overcome this problem and that is intermittent fasting.

It is sporadic fasting. It is a very safe and effective way of burning those fats away.

Intermittent fasting does not drain your necessary calorie intake and also ensures to keep you away from imbalanced and unhealthy diets. There are various schemes to do this:

  1. The 16/8 method: In this, you do not take your breakfast instead you eat during a period of 8 hours, say from 12 noon to 8 pm.

  1. Eat-stop-eat: This could be done once or twice a week. You set a day for it and then you don't eat from one dinner until next dinner. It should be done according to one's capacity.

  1. The 5:2 diets: You choose two days in a week when you have a calorie intake of about 500-600 whereas on rest of the 5 days you take your usual diet.

The methods mentioned should be chosen carefully and before implementation, you can consult a health adviser.

The question may arise that how does it help us with weight loss? Well, for one, intermittent fasting reduces the number of calories that we consume in our diet. It has been proven to reduce the weight by a percentage of 3-7% if you continue it for 22 weeks. It is also an effective measure to reduce your belly fat by 4-7%. The weight loss is successful because when you apply this method, your body stores these calories for energy. And when you eat at a particular interval it will help you reduce your excess body fat.

As is with any dietary measures for reducing weight, you should not rush things. Your body will need time to adjust to the change and therefore, you should be patient with it. There are, however, certain tips that can be considered when you give it a go.

  • During the fasting period, you'll feel a strong urge to drink plenty of water. So, instead of regular water, squeeze a bit of lemon juice into it. It will help you overcome any sugar cravings.

  • You can take a light coffee or tea in the morning to give you a daily boost but you must not indulge in it otherwise it will make you tired throughout the day.

  • Stay away from all those diet sodas or flavored drinks that promise to be sugar-free. The sweeteners used in them may provoke you to overeat. So, try to refrain from such drinks.

  • When you eat your meal, make sure to make it rich in nutrients but less in amount. Don't eat more than what your body actually needs. It will overshadow the results of your fasting.

In this way, you can try this fasting process which is pretty safe and gives outstanding results. Lastly, be positive about it and do not stress too much about your weight as it will only make things difficult for you.

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