Is the Future of Digital Marketing in India is Very Bright?

Today, no sector operating in India remains untouched from digital marketing. It is the endorsement of products and services offered by an organization or a brand on digital media. Every entity in the market, whether new or established, is making the best use of digital marketing strategies by approaching a digital marketing company. Undoubtedly, reaching an anonymous target audience, on a colossal scale, becomes effortless with digital marketing. Hence, a majority of organizations and brands do not hesitate in laying 1/4th of their annual budget on digital marketing.

In the present scenario, India is one of the biggest digital markets worldwide. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, and with timely subsidization COVID-19, the revenue of the digital marketing domain will exceed the humongous mark of 225 billion. Furthermore, it is expected that there’ll be new job opportunities in the field of digital marketing. Hence, the expansion of the digital marketing domain in India will bring multiple job opportunities.

Why Prefer Digital Marketing?

  • It Saves Money

Digital marketing is cost-efficacious! Yep, it prevents from splurging for marketing as compared to traditional print media methods that are dying. Moreover, digital marketing campaigns ooze better results in less time. Companies require spending just 1/4th of their total profit for effective digital marketing campaigns.

  • Results Are Measurable

The results of digital marketing are scalable. Digital marketers keep their senses open every time to catch up with the ever-evolving trends. According to trends, strategies are redefined as per Google Algorithm. This widens the opportunities for the campaign to uphill. As per the survey conducted, 6% growth in business was witnessed by brands after using digital marketing for boosting themselves in the market.

  • Easy to Tick the Target Audience

If you’re acquainted with someone who works as a digital marketer, approach the person to understand the ‘ease’ of targeting the right audience. It’s 2020 and things have changed tremendously. Choosing the target audience and evoking the spark of action is an easy job. Just by understanding the target demography ‘correctly’, you can become their favorite easily but not overnight.

  • AI- Simplification of the Work

Although the connection between artificial intelligence and digital marketing might sound new, it plays a key role in the success of a marketing campaign. You’d be surprised to know that according to an estimate considering the increased use of AI, 45% of economic earnings in the next decade, will be made using AI in digital campaigns. By incorporating AI, it becomes easier to understand the customer requirement/grievances.

  • Traditional Marketing is in The Graveyard

C’mon, it isn’t a pun but reality. We all know pretty well that traditional marketing is on its final breaths. It lost its manhood when it locked horns with digital marketing. The gleaming popularity of digital marketing overshadowed traditional marketing. Right from expenses to extensive reach, digital marketing outsmarts traditional marketing in every context.

Digital Marketing as a Profession

In the last decade, the domain of Indian digital marketing has seen a rise in recruitment opportunities. It has witnessed a humongous change since it demands expertise in some of the below-mentioned designations:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Content development
  3. Social Media Optimization
  4. Online Reputation Management
  5. Online PR
  6. Inbound Marketing
  7. Email Marketing

When a person holds expertise in any of the above-listed fields, he/she can be a part of a digital marketing firm. To gain expertise in a field related to the Indian digital marketing, the individual requires holding a bachelor’s degree in the field related to marketing or equivalent. Today, several educational institutions provide courses related to digital marketing in India. And, as we mentioned previously about the creation of new job opportunities in the digi-marketing field, there can be more roles beyond those bullet points pinned above.

Digital Marketing- A Lucrative Career

With a great job come lucrative perks! When an individual begins working as a digital marketer in India, he/she can enjoy many perks. After joining a digital marketing firm, the individual is also trained for acquiring the best out of the new skills developed. Though this field is all about extensive creativity and learning, you can enjoy perks like:

  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Rewarding job prospects
  3. Industry exposure
  4. Attractive remuneration

Thus, We Conclude That

There remains no doubt in adding that digital marketing has a bright future in the Indian subcontinent. Considering the surging absorption of technology in all aspects, the growth of the brand is assured. No brand or company wants to be tagged as luddite in the era of digitization. Therefore, digital marketing is THE CHANGE in the new decade. In a nutshell, digital marketing in India will get more influential in forthcoming years. This is evident and you can sense it around.

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