Music therapy for Stress Relief

Stress is already beating our nerves and while we are struggling with it, we are missing out on things that could escape us from all of it. You probably have heard of music therapy and how beneficial it is in stress relief. The good thing is you don’t have to dedicate an extra hour of your life in it. You can do it anytime, anywhere and with anything you’re doing. Don’t believe us; well you can listen to music:

While getting ready in the morning

Why wake up with shrilling alarm sounds when you can wake up with your favourite music? It is one good way to kickstart your morning. By selecting the right music in the morning, you can even set the “ideal tone” for the rest of the day. Start with something soothing and then you can choose fast beats. The best way is to make a playlist for the estimated time you need to get ready. As the playlist play along, you can get along. This ensures you don’t get late too.

While commuting for work

Why waste your time whining over road rush or traffic when you can enjoy the commutation listening to your favourite tracks? You can play your favourite music which will help you in relieving the tension of work. Also, it takes your mind off from the whole task that waits for the day which means you are more relaxed and not panicking over your “to-do”. If you travel by trains or metro, you can choose some classic beats that will make the commutation smoother.

While cleaning the place

Keeping your place organised not only makes things a lot easier for you, but it can also lower down your stress levels. Though after a long tiring day, it’s hard to divert your energy into cleaning. But if you put some peppy songs, something energetic to get you moving, it is fun to clean. Music can add melody to anything. Who knows, you will surpass MONICA (from FRIENDS) in cleaning with your favourites tracks in the background?

While cooking

Cooking is another thing which when accompanied with good music comes out the finest. We all know how important good nutrition is. Not only it is essential for a healthy lifestyle but it keeps all those ailments far away. Home cooked food is one thing that ensures we get healthy meals. Also, it is one economic move and can help you in saving a lot. The problem is not many people are fond of it. But you can make it a lot more interesting with a jazz in the background. You can choose any other genre which is soothing for you. This way cooking becomes more of a fun activity; you will probably look forward to rather than a mere chore.

While going to bed

We know how substantial a good sleep is for human body and brain. Not only it helps in proper functioning, but it also helps in handling stress better. The only problem is that this stress might keep you awake and hamper your good sleep. With some classic tracks to relax your mind, you can easily “drift off”. This helps in keeping your mind off the stress and promotes good sleep.

Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over your soul.”

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