Natural Foods to Stay Fit and Boost Stamina

Every person in this world wants to live a healthy and fit life. A healthy and fit body is the secret behind happiness and activeness. A person who is healthy and fit lives and enjoys more than an unhealthy person. Everyone wills to get a healthy and fit body. To get healthy and fit body everyone needs to follow a good routine and this routine mostly includes exercising every day and eating good and healthy food. In fact we can say that your healthy food is the key integrant which makes your life good. A person is healthier when he or she in takes the healthy food than the person who eats junk food. Now the problem is that how we identify the good food for us that helps us in living a healthy life. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Let’s have a look that what natural foods we can take to stay fit and boost our stamina.

1. If you have habit of drinking water in every morning just a moment after you wake up then believe me you have already completed the half of the way to live a healthy and fit life. Like if we drink water in morning it helps us to filter all bad toxins inside our body. Drinking water in morning also helps a person to lose weight. To increase benefit of morning drinking water you can also add a lemon to your water and its best if you take warm water.

2. The second most important thing for you is to eat high protein breakfast. Your breakfast must be full of healthy food. Let’s have a look that what options we can have in breakfast like you can take upma, poha, khman, idli sambhar , dosa, parathas anything that you like. And if you have an habit of taking caffeine drink like tea , coffee anything then you can also take it but remember don’t take any caffeine drink without eating anything. Apart from this you can take most healthiest diet this time like you can have sprouts, oats etc. And it will be best if you can replace your caffeine drink with healthy drink like you can take any fruit juice of your choice without sugar.

3. After that you can have a lunch that must not heavier as breakfast but it should also not light than dinner. You can add salad and dahi to your lunch. Apart from this your lunch diet may contain chapatis,daal , a vegetable, rice etc.

4. Then after that you can have evening snakes that may include some roasted dry fruits and you can also take any fruit at this time also.

5. In dinner you must take light food. If possible eat daliya. And remember do your dinners before 7 pm so that your body gets time to digest.

Along with all these you must drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily. These all foods can help you to stay a healthier life.

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