Reasons why WordPress is perfect for small businesses

In the 21st century, a website is important for any large or small company, but these can become very costly, especially for those who start a business.

WordPress is a platform that has managed to give many small businesses a 180 ° turn, as it enables you to create websites for free. There are still reasons why the free version of WordPress is an ally for SMEs, while you have better choices for buying paid plans.

Here is a list of good reasons to start using WordPress if your small business doesn't have a website yet.

1. Free of Cost

You can download the WordPress application from its server for free and build your website there. The best thing is you do not have to pay anything to obtain the program.

However, what is a server?

It is a computer that never switches off and provides other computers (yours and mine) with the tools we need, such as cloud data, emails, images, audio, etc.

This means that WordPress allows you to view your website for free through its server. In terms of what you can change on your website there, bear in mind that the free version is very restricted.

2. It is intuitive

To be a programmer, it is not necessary for WordPress. Its platform is easy and enables you to quickly and easily construct page entries, publications, schedule a calendar of content, etc.

Thanks to the themes that it provides, even blog or website customization becomes simple; these are templates that you can place to alter your site's appearance.

3. It has a wide range of plugins.

Perhaps the number of plugins or add-ons that are available to you on your web is one of the most important reasons for using WordPress. These plugins are helpful to improve your website in various fields like design, marketing, SEO, etc.,

These plugins make it possible for you to change your website so that it stands out from your competition.

What exactly is a WordPress plugin?

They are simply apps or programs that have various functions to enhance the elements of your WordPress website. For instance, if you have a website for phone sales, you can add a shopping cart with a plugin so that your customers can pay you for the mobile phone so they can get it.

In WordPress, there are more than 50,000 plugins available and each one offers you a different feature that you can add to enhance it on your website.

4. It is a secure platform

There is currently no inviolable software, but WordPress has one of the best you can find in more powerful security systems. This happens because it is continually modified and upgraded, and new and improved security updates are often developed to enhance the platform's user experience.

This is undoubtedly relevant for small businesses, who must always give their customers a privacy policy, and WordPress is one of the best CMS you can find on the internet in this context.

What is a CMS?

CMS means Content Management System by its acronym in English that we can translate as a Content Management System. This means that on our website, WordPress is a forum dedicated to managing content.

For example, you can create the content, manage when it comes out (date and time), publish it on a website or blog, etc. There is a team of expert designers and developers in online assignment help who has developed a perfect CMS as per their needs and running it successfully,

5. It is designed for SEO

WordPress is designed such that SEO operates in a complementary way on your website and helps drive traffic to it. That is why many small business owners use this platform to develop the community or their niche markets to be the foundation for their future customers.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) or search engine rankings is the mechanism by which our visibility in various search engines is enhanced. We do some activities on the web pages and make it favorable for Google so that the site gets ranked top.

SEO is not a plugin of WordPress or anything like that, but it is not just that it helps you to do it quickly, but that it guides you on how to do it when you start with your website, tactics that allow us to achieve that positioning and the advantage of WordPress.

6. Personalization

Another most significant reason WordPress gives you an offer for its use that it is open-source, which ensures that you can modify or build new codes to make your website look unique and alter its appearance.

In particular, it is vital to customize the site if we want to stand out from the competition, from adding your own logo, using the colors of the branding of the company to creating unique features that only your company can provide, you can do it in WordPress.

What is an open source?

It is the permission given by software to access and change or review its source code. In this way, even though WordPress has a fixed appearance, you have the ability to modify your website hosted on this programme 's server and change it at will by being able to enter its code.

What is a logo?

The logo is actually an image or typography that depicts a business or brand's visual identity, typically the face of the business, and is created by a graphic design that displays the company's colors or shapes that best reflect it.

You can try the logo maker to give your new project a representative picture if you are thinking about building your own company.

7. You have a great community behind you

It has millions of users across the globe, which means it is a network that is very secure, useful, and easy to use. WordPress can help you better manage your content, customize and carry traffic to your website, so you can quickly and efficiently attract new customers to your small business.


WordPress is the most simplest and easiest platform that anyone can use t build their website within 30 minutes. There are lots of guidelines and tutorials available online to take an instant guide for learning WordPress. If you are running a small business, then build your own website with WordPress and get your digital identity which is most essential in today’s era of digital technology.

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