No matter what type of business you handle, QuickBooks is most efficient online accounting software that helps every business in performing many business related tasks easily and quickly. QuickBooks software allows you to perform various tasks in less time and requires less effort. While using any technology or application, you may come across various issues or errors. But there is a solution for every problem. When talking about QuickBooks, don’t bother if you face any errors or issues while accessing QuickBooks as it is easy to solve errors you might come across on QuickBooks either via solutions provided online or by taking help from QuickBooks tech support.

This write-up may help to solve the error code c=224 that you might face either during backing up or running a file utility. Usually, this error is faced when you might be doing the following tasks on QuickBooks:

  • Trying to open the company file.
  • Executing reports.
  • Backing up data on QuickBooks.
  • Verification or rebuild of the company file.
  • Damaged company file.
  • Broken links between transactions.

Since this error is generated because of failure in verification of the company file, so here are steps to perform verification or rebuild of the company file that may help you to prevent from the error c=224. If you find any issue in following these steps, then you can also get in touch with QuickBooks Support Phone Number. The steps to perform rebuild or verification are explained as follows:

  1. Whether there is an issue in your company file or not, open the company file in QuickBooks.
  2. Once you open the company file, navigate to file, then utilities and then verify data.
  • A message dialogue box would be appeared. Click OK and proceed.
  1. Progress bar would be displayed showing you the status of verification.
  2. After completion of progress bar, you can be able to see that no problems have been detected in QuickBooks. Click Ok on that dialogue box.
  3. Next step is to rebuild the data after verification.
  1. Once you click OK, you will be shown two radio buttons asking for online backup or local backup. Make sure that you have selected local backup and then click next.
  2. Browse to choose where you want to save that backup.
  3. Click OK to finish the process.

While performing these steps, if you find some problem or issue, don’t hesitate to contact QuickBooks customer service to take help and to get rid of any kind of error you are facing. If you are not resolving the errors on your own, make sure to follow what QuickBooks Payroll Support suggests to you. You may find experts for your different errors available on QuickBooks Customer service round the clock. So, consult them anytime you want and get your problem solved.

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