Ten must-see attractions in France's three valleys

Ten must-see attractions in France's three valleys

Three valleys from Courchevel to Aurel in the French Alps, three connected ski resorts together create the world's largest ski area. After running for about 600 kilometers, you can ski or ski all week without having to cover the same terrain twice.

However, in addition to winter sports, there is more to the Three Valleys area. Skiing in Apres is legendary. In summer, there are many lively cultural activities, not to mention countless routes for hiking and mountain biking. The Alps create breathtaking panoramas at any time of the year every year, and it is worth seeing them in different seasons more than once. Where to stay trip line

If you are planning a trip, please choose the following ten must-see attractions and activities:

Art at the Courchevel Summit

Unforgettable artworks are not limited to gallery walls. For the past ten years, the art of the summit has been held in Courchevel every year, bringing extraordinary sculptures to the village and mountain slopes. Throughout the season, you may find yourself standing in front of the surreal melting clock in Dali outside the tourist office, or walking down the chair lift to see the bright red of the contemporary Parisian sculptor Richard Orlinski (Richard Orlinski) King Kong slapped him on the chest.

For most skiers in the resort, seeing these artworks is surprising. However, more serious art lovers can follow the mountainside on an art tour to ensure that they incorporate each unique masterpiece into it.

Tyrolienne, Val Thorens

If black skiing does not give you enough adrenaline kicking power, you need to ride Tyrolienne. This 1,300 m long zipline extends from Val Thorens to Orelle and can reach speeds of up to 105 km per hour.

There is no doubt that this is exhilarating, but if you can open your eyes long enough to absorb the beauty, the panorama is indeed the highlight of the experience. This is the closest distance you can fly like a bird; the landscape 250 m below you is truly breathtaking.

Fahrenheit 7, Courchevel Morrid

Must drink beer on the mountain, especially when you look at the snow-capped mountain peaks. Fahrenheit 7 has a spacious terrace in Courchevel 1650, where you can relax in the sun loungers throughout the afternoon.

The Aperol Spritz here has dropped particularly well, and there are many wines.

Kushville Le Platz Music Museum

The annual Music Museum (Fêtede la Musique) is held in Three Valleys in June, while the village of La Praz is buzzing with live music. The protagonist of this year's calendar is the Sugar Lady on June 21. The trio will release covers of French and international pop songs, so you'd better put on dancing shoes!

Water sports, Courchevel Morind

Have you ever wanted to surf in the Alps? Or do you want to float in an outdoor swimming pool, with snowflakes falling on your face and stars shining on it? In Aquamotion, you can not only do these things, but you can also do more. The multifunctional complex provides everything from indoor surfing to climbing walls, from virtual reality fitness classes to spas.

The main swimming pool area is definitely designed for kids. You can compete with each other on different tanks, and there are also many inflatable equipment. I hope moms and dads who don’t have children can relax in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, or jump into the spa for a rejuvenating massage.

Leplaz Azimut

Even if you get almost nothing, the air in the mountains can increase your appetite. Fortunately, chef Francois Moureaux set off a storm at Restaurant Azimut in La Praz.

Moureaux was awarded a Michelin star for cooking in Azimut, which is undoubtedly right, you will taste his superb skills in every dish. He proudly displays local products and traditions on the menu and pair them with some of the fine wines from the Savoie region. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and hospitable. It feels like you are a guest in a stylish residence in Moureaux

Meribel DC Snowpark

There are three ski resorts in the three valleys, three each for Meribel, Courchevel and Valsolens. The largest and best equipped is Meribel's DC Snowpark, where freestyle snowboarders and skiers can show off their moves every winter afternoon.

Anyone with the Three Valley Ski Pass can use the ski resort. However, if you are a beginner, it is strongly recommended that you book a lesson with the instructor, and you should also get used to rollers, diving and halfpipes. If you are a keen photographer and want to take some action photos, this is also a good place to go: there are regular DC parties and competitions on the best freestyle skills are often held.

Morrid Racing, Courchevel Morrid

The toboggan run met Mario Kart and the Grand Prix at Moriond Racing. You can access the 3 km toboggan run via the Ariondaz cable car, and then meander through the forest, all the way back to Courchevel 1650.

On the surface, the toboggan is easy. Provide helmets and plastic skis for all riders, as well as basic verbal instructions on how to steer and brake. Now comes the interesting part: you have to put the theory into practice. Expect your sled to fall on the first turn, scream on the steep slope, then plow into the snow, laugh hysterically at least once. Hopefully, when you reach the first tunnel, you will have the knack for turning, and once you reach the finish line, you may turn into a pro.

Dansis Courchevel (Courchevel), Courchevel 1850

dance! From August 3rd to 9th, thousands of dancers will land in Three Valleys and head to Dansis Courchevel. This week’s dance festival includes more than 130 workshops taught by 25 international lecturers, plus 6 parties to showcase the moves you learned.

This program is aimed at avid amateurs, although by the end of this weekend, you will definitely look more professional. The dance styles range from salsa to swing dance. You can choose any combination of courses.

Hot air balloon, Courchevel, 1850

Last but not least, take a hot air balloon from Courchevel Altiport for an early morning flight to end your trip to the Three Valleys. Each hot air balloon basket can accommodate five to six guests, and the epic scenery includes both Mont Blanc and the Vanos National Park, the first national park in France.

When the air is still, each hot air balloon starts at sunrise. The route and flight duration will depend in part on the weather and the time of year, but usually lasts three hours, suitable for guests of any age. Be sure to bring a bottle of champagne: although it may be early, it is never too early to toast! Check for cheap flights booking to france

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