Tips For Choosing Paint Color For Making Your Home More Beautiful

Boost your confidence by painting your home perfectly. Your home’s exterior and interior is the way to steal all the attention. Choose your wall’s paint wisely as it will not change again before a minimum of 1year. Paints are the life of the wall as they don’t look good without paint. Get creative and give a new fresh look to your walls. Scroll down and get the best tips for choosing the right color for your home.

Don’t choose your paint first

Most people choose the paint color first and its natural big things happen first. Choose your furniture that goes with your decor and furniture, it will be easier to choose the contrast color of the furniture. First select your furniture and decor for your home, after it chooses the color of your wall according to furniture and decor.

Get an inspiration

Look just nearby you and search colors, you will get the perfect color for your home. Start with your kitchen first. Do not explore more otherwise you will get more confused. You just need to get inspiration from nature, utensils color, furniture color, vegetable color and many more colors that touch your heart.

Do not go with neutrals

We’re not saying that to avoid all the colors together. Color is great, but you have to decide where you want to give attention more. Go bold for getting attention on walls. Everything else in the home should e pretty neutral if you go bold with the wall color. The bold color on the bathroom walls will be great because most things in the bathroom are already neutral.

Test the paint color against decor and furniture

Testing color on walls is not enough. Your paint should match your sofa, table, and other furniture items. Make sure your decided color will go with your furniture and decor nicely. Paint a piece of cardboard and hold it up against your furniture and curtains. It’s very important that your paint should go with your furniture perfectly otherwise things will look odd.

Consider the use of the tester

Do not directly start painting, before you start the test some different colors on the wall. You will easily get the testers in the market, almost all brands are offers testers. Buy testers of the colors that you like or want to paint, then test them on a large area for a better decision. Leftover samples are great to paint your other projects and giving a finishing touch to your home.

Know undertones

To discover the true color use dark shades of color on the strip. This will save you from ending up with colors that are too blue, pink, yellow, etc.

Choose a color theme throughout your home

We’re not saying to paint your home in the same color, but the rooms that open into one another should look similar. At least, so a few shades darker or lighter on a focal wall or even in a room. It is one of the best ways to add interest and depth to space.

Are you feeling now more confident about choosing the color? And tell us which color you’ve decided in your lovely home.

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