Tips On how To Be Productive At Work

While working, we often face the days where we are allotted with so much that only seems beyond reach. To top of it we are surrounded by so many distractions like the social media and the continuous temptation to check it every few seconds or the mobile games or the chatty colleague and all of them make it so hard that you feel no less than trapped.

So what we can do to avoid all these distractions and be more productive? While there is no “sure-shot” way to eliminate it completely, but there are few tips that will definitely help you in overcoming these disruptions at the workplace. Also, these tips will help you in being more productive. So without further ado, let’s get started with the tips on how to be more productive at your work:

A big NO-No to multitasking:

Yes, you have to stop doing multitask. It may seem that it will help you in accomplishing multiple tasks at once. However, that’s just a false impression. There are many studies that have shown that your concentration and focus is hindered on a great extent simply because you have to switch between the tasks. It will directly affect productivity too.

Therefore, if you’re allotted multiple tasks, you have to prioritise them and then you can proceed with them giving enough time to each of it. This way you can easily meet the urgencies and have enough time to complete the rest of the task as well.

Turn of your notifications

There is nothing new here to tell. Phone notifications will obviously distract you from work. Therefore it is suggested to switch off your notification during the working hour. This is applicable for all the devices including phone and computer. If you think you can’t do it or it might not suit you, then the least you can do is to log out of all your social media accounts. This way you won’t check your Smartphone in every few minutes.

Carefully manage all interruptions

Let’s be honest. Every office has some disruptions as well that might hinder you from working. It can be a colleague asking for your assistance or a quick meeting set up by your manager without any prior notice. You need to manage these interruptions well.

For instance, you can turn your activity status to “busy” on the work chat. You can even let your colleagues know about the deadline you have to meet so that they won’t interrupt you while asking about work things. Plan everything in advance to deal with these interruptions in a better way.

Cut down on meetings to some extent

No, we are not saying that meetings aren’t productive but then there is a whole deck of time spent in waiting for everyone and for pleasantries followed which can otherwise be spent on something more worthy. So try to cut down on meetings. Organise one only when it is necessary. For instance, you can share information by sending mail but if it needs any brainstorming session for discussion, then you can organise one.

Tell us how these tips help you in enhancing your productivity at the workplace.

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