Tips To Care Your Rebonded Hair

Rebonding is a great option for those who want the absolute straight texture of their hair. It's a permanent process that makes hair smooth, straight and sleek. Great way to avoid unmanageable and frizzy hair. Make your curls turn straight and relax your hair by the rebonding process. But it does not end there, rebonded hair needs a lot of care than normal hair. Due to chemical treatments, it requires constant protection and care from damage. It’s important to take care of your rebonded hair, otherwise, your hair may again get curls. If you’ve got the rebonding process instantly, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed some tips to take care of your rebonded hair.

Avoid using the hairdryer

Let your hair dry naturally. Don’t dry them with hot air, it will damage your rebonded. Even regular hair girls should also avoid using dryers. Use a hairdryer, when you don’t have more time.

Do not tie

Do not tie your hair the first month, it may damage your rebonding. You should tie your rebonded hair loosely, to maintain the straightness and smoothness of your hair permanently. Avoid using tight rubber bands and clutches regularly.

Ditch immediate washing

Do not wet or wash your hair till four-five days, after getting rebonded hair. Let the chemical ooze properly to the roots of your hair, till then avoid washing your hair. Get ready to waste your time and money, if you’ll not follow this tip. Your hair will get turn sticky and greasy after an immediate wash, so avoid to wet your hair for a few days.

Use products as per advice

Make sure you’re using hair products for your rebonded hair as per expert advice. Ditch your normal hair care shampoos and conditioners, and get the right products that your saloon expert allow you. Avoid using normal hair care products, if you want to maintain your rebonded hair well.

Say bye to hot water

Do not ever wash your rebonded or normal hair with hot water. Use cold water always for your hair wash. Warm water will damage your hair and it will make your hair look frizzy and unmanageable.

Conditioning is must

Must condition your rebonded hair whenever you wash your hair. Do not restrict or hesitate using a hair conditioner for your rebonded hair, it is good for your hair health. After shampoo leaves the conditioner for 2-3minutes and then gently wash your hair with normal tempered water.

Trim regularly

You should trim your hair monthly for a great and rebonded look. This will keep your hair face form split ends that cause damage to your hair. It will also help you in maintaining your hair healthy. Even normal hair also needs trimming regularly.

Avoid changing your hairstyle

One of the important things is to avoid changing your hairstyle after rebonding. Hairstyle changing might ruin the health of your hair. And also stay away from highlighting your hair until one month after your rebonding.

These are the important tips that you should consider for maintaining your rebonding well. And don’t forget to take advice from your stylist.

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