Top 5 Google Products To Make Your Life Convenient

Google is the pioneer of the technology in different sections. It is the biggest technology company in the world and delivers to almost every section of the world. With the time Google invented itself and made life easy for everyone. Most of the people identify Google as a search engine company but besides from time to time it invests and invents life-changing products. The founder and CEO of Google Larry page consider Google as a technology company. He believes the mission of the company is to detect human problems that can be solved with the help of technology, and then invent such technology that solves that kind of problems. Since the origin of the company, it invented such technology that now is used in the normal day to day life without being noticed.

Here are some of the Google products that make the day to day life more convenient –

1. Google home – the Google home is a next-generation device that comes with Google's artificial intelligence Google Assistant. Google home performs intellectual functions to make the day to day life easier. The device performs a different range of functions such as setting reminders on voice commands, making calls, playing music, giving intellectual answers to different quires, setting alarm and performs a wide range of a function. It is fun to have Google home in your space if you are a technology-friendly gig.

2. Google nest hub - The Google net hub is an advanced digital device with built-in Google assistance. It helps control the cameras, lights, TVs and other devices in one touch. At the different levels, it helps the users to make life more comfortable. It can be used as a digital tablet and performs functions such as playing Youtube videos, playing music and seeing photos. The Google nest hub is a one-stop solution for your daily essential needs.

3. Google drive – the Google drive is a file storage service provided by Google inc. the drive is cloud-based service where all of your files and photos are saved over the cloud on the Google server and is accessible from anywhere on any digital device. The Google drive is the most famous and downloaded applications over the play store.

4. Google play movies & Tv – Google play movies & Tv is a video-on-demand service provided by Google inc. the application provides videos and movies to its users on rental as well as on a purchase basis also. The application includes the latest collection of movies for you on entertainment.

5. Google duo – the application is an online video calling service that provides real-time best in class video calling service. The application allows you to call multiple peoples at the same time through video conferencing mode. The application is developed by Google inc. and is a trusted app for android users. This application is one of the most downloaded applications on the play store.

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