Top 5 tricks to Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically

Top 5 Tricks to Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically-2020

In 2020 Instagram has become one of the social media platforms to promote your products and services. In the present era of digital marketing, everyone is in the race of digital marketing and promoting the products with a unique digital marketing strategy. Instagram is the biggest social media platform with over 200 million active users sharing more than 60 million images per day. Being one of the biggest platforms the task will be to stand out in the crowd. There are different methods to increase Instagram followers but in order to sustain for the long term and have a positive engagement, it will be advisable to have organic followers.

Here are 5 tricks increase Instagram followers organically –

Develop your own unique Instagram style – every Instagram user has its unique style and personality which makes it's different from other users. The user engagement will be on a different level and you will be identified differently. Your #Instagram account can be unique and different in terms of uploading patterns, unique color pallet, creatively used captions and hashtags and image editing skills.

Use captions & Hashtags wisely – the hashtags are the #keywords through which your content gets a unique engagement. It will be your duty to use creative and unique hashtags through which your content can be identified differently. On the other hand, captions tell the unique story of your content and help in getting positive engagement.

Use attractive bio URL – your bio is the face of your account and #URL gives it a unique touch where other users will make and the first impression. The URL bio must be used and maintained in a unique way to create maximum attention and forces, other users, to come again and have a look at it.

Engage with your target audience – there are different methods to have positive engagement with the audience and retain them for a long period. Once the target audience is identified the second step will be to apply different strategies to engage the audience like joining them in the live feed and creating give away etc.

Use Instagram stories wisely – the story feature on Instagram plays an important part in creating positive engagement. There are different features in stories that you can use as an effective strategy to stand out. Besides your feed post, the story section also helps in creating audience engagement. The stories are more row and a casual feature where you can post minute to minute updates and it makes your account much authentic and real builds audience engagement.

In every case whether a business account or normal user account, it will be advisable to have an engaging organic audience that will create maximum impact. There are many users who use fake followers to build a positive image but internally it will not be practicable to adopt this method. You have to be real and raw to get organic followers on Instagram and sustain for the long term on the platform. The mentioned tricks are used by real and organic users to engage positively with the target audience.

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