Top Used Car Dealers in Trivandrum

Buying a second hand car had been a complicated affair earlier. Finding the model of one’s choice was the first difficult part. Moreover, car agents and individual sellers used to quote exorbitant prices. After all these, the buyer may not be sure of the internal condition of the vehicle. The arrival of reputed multi-brand pre-owned car dealers have changed the scenario. It has become an easy process to find used cars in Trivandrum, Kochi, Kottayam or any other region in Kerala.

We have analysed the performance of used car dealers in Trivandrum and listed them in order of their performance. The reliability, inspection process, pricing, after-sales support and customer service have been considered for finalizing the best ones in the region. The top used car dealers in Trivandrum are described in the subsequent paragraphs.

Indus Used Cars

Indus Used Cars is the division of Indus Motors for multi-brand second hand cars. The legacy and identity Indus earned through more than three decades of existence is visible in the dealings and performance of this division as well. The customer can choose from a wide variety of models and own them without any impediments. Indus also fixes price based on the usage, performance, and overall condition of the vehicle only. Hence, you will be paying the right price for the car you choose.

Indus follows an exclusively formulated 376-point checklist to ascertain the technical condition of the vehicle. Each component and accessory is inspected exhaustively and necessary repair work is undertaken. Therefore, you can buy a used car in Trivandrum, from Indus, without any concerns. The after-sales support and finance support of the dealership is outstanding. Check for your favourite car at Indus Used Cars. And own it through a hassle-free process.

Hercules Maruti

Hercules Maruti is another prominent used car dealer in Trivandrum. You can rely on them to provide quality-proven second hand cars at affordable prices. The dealership located near Kowdiar in Trivandrum has been one of the top destinations for buying used cars. The long list of different brands of second hand cars make Hercules Maruti, a top leader in Trivandrum. People at Trivandrum prefer this dealership as one of the perfect places to buy a model from the popular brands.

Genuine Cars

This is another used car dealership in Trivandrum for buying used cars. Genuine Cars located at Kesavadasapuram meets all the requirements of a user car buyer. Apart from ensuring the sales of your four-wheelers, the outlet also offers post sale services. The technical team undertakes a 147-point inspection on the second hand cars and carries out repair and refurbishment as necessary. There are several advantages to buying a used car from them. The dealership offers benefits including free services, best deal and ownership transfer documentation by the team.

Sarathy Autocars

Sarathy Autocars in Thiruvananthapuram is an authorised used car dealership established in 2010. Ever since the year 2010, the showroom has always ensured that it maintains a high standard when it comes to catering the needs of used car buyers. The trustworthy and committed service from the organization has been pivotal in making them one of the most opted dealerships in the region. It has a separate division for sales of pre-owned cars. The reliable services from Sarathy make them one of the top used car dealers in Trivandrum.

Popular True value

Popular True Value is another dealership in Trivandrum, which can be considered for buying a used car in the region. Since its establishment, the dealership has been selling used cars since then. The transparent dealings make them one of the top used car dealers in Trivandrum. The dealership primarily focuses on second hand four wheeler vehicles.

Individual sellers and car brokers had been causing too much complication in the sale of second hand cars earlier. However, the establishment of reputed used car dealerships across Kerala has been effective in reducing the issue. Nowadays, customers can opt to buy from well-established used car dealers. The trust generated by the dealerships, through genuine service and quality proven vehicles, has been instrumental in increasing the sales of second hand cars in Kerala.

Check out used cars at the top used car dealers in Trivandrum and decide which one to buy. You can also discuss with the experienced executives at the showroom to finalize the model to buy.

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