Unusual ways to “unwind” after a stressful day

As soon as you mention your friend about “chilling out” or distressing, you probably have stumbled upon “Meditation” word 8 out of 10 times. There is no doubt that meditation is a great way to de-stress and let your inner self calm the heck down. But there are many people who have found very unusual ways to chill and retain their energy levels. This may sound inane to some but these are some sure shot ways to restore your sanity after a bad day. So give it a good read and who knows you might find your way too to unwind and just “chill”:

Just go for a stroll

There are many benefits of walk and it’s not just restricted to physiological benefits. We are talking about psychological benefits as well. But when was the last time that you go out for a stroll just for no other reason?

Many people have associated their “n” number of reasons with the walk. Some do it for losing weight, to burn off calories or sometimes just for the breath of fresh air. But when did you go for a stroll just for fun or for exploration?

So, next time you go out for a walk, don’t associate it with any reason or speed. Just go for a stroll and enjoy everything scenic. Try to let your brain wander too, just let it free for some time without any agenda or motive or plan. Don’t fret over how much time you’re wasting in a stroll. Think about the time you spend on scrolling the feed on Instagram or Facebook or over meaningless chats. If you can manage and make up time for that, you can easily make time for something so worthy.

Go for playing VIDEO GAMES

Gamers, for now, are like, what? Isn’t this what we are saying for so long that playing video game feels no different than meditation? Yes, it is true that playing video games is a very unusual way that has the same effect on some people as meditation. In fact, when asked by people who play games that what makes them so fond of playing it, the answer is that these games help them to relax and even de-stress. Isn’t that a bummer to many of us?

But believe us there are many studies that have shown and even support the idea of Video games in improving the ability of the people to handle stress faced by them on a regular basis. They can relate the game situation with real life and even find a way to make things work amongst all the frustration as well. There are studies that have shown that people playing video games have shown better performance when it comes to handling stress in the workspace.

The good thing is there are many games in the market that are specifically designed for relieving your stress and they are getting success in it as well. Playing these video games for just 30 minutes after a long tiring day can help you in unwinding and manage your stress.

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