Take a break, pack your bags and leave the world behind and enjoy your own company and explore the world, who would not love a trip like this! A trip can be a solo one or a group trip but every trip is a new experience in itself.

And everybody wants to keep all the beautiful and memorable memories safe forever. This is only one possible way that is PHOTOGRAPHY. Photography is an art and passion for some people but it is useful for most people. So this is good if we can beautify our memories with useful photography tips. Here we are going to tell you some of them.


To make your pictures more beautiful and eye-catching, and your pictures have more ‘wow’ factor then use the rule of thirds. This is a rule in which you have to imagine two equidistant vertical lines and two equidistant horizontal lines that intersects with each other and makes nine equal squares.

To make images more aesthetic put the focus point at the center of the central square or you can put the center of any other square. This effect makes the pictures more pleasant to the eyes.


Camera shake and blur is something that can ruin your picture. First of all, you have to learn how to hold the camera or nowadays mobiles are also used, as stable as possible. If you are using a camera then hold it with one hand around the body of the camera and another hand around the lens or if you are taking pictures with your mobile then hold it with both hands on both edges for more stability. Try to hold the camera or mobile close to the body for support.


Shutter speed is indirectly proportional to the focal length of the lens. Shutter speed should not be lower than that of the obtained ratio. Shutter speed determines how long the shutter remains open during a shot. If the shutter speed of your camera is too low then it exposes the lens to light for more time, and time causes unwanted movement of the camera and makes the photo blurry.


To make your pictures having more wow factor you need to lead three basics

  1. Aperture

  2. Shutter speed

  3. ISO

Aperture is a device that controls the amount of light admitting through the lens by adjusting the opening of the lens. You can use both modes auto and manual for aperture. But in auto mode, you would have to compromise with the quality of the picture that you desire. In manual mode, you can coordinate aperture, shutter speed and ISO for a better experience of quality.

ISO is the unit of the sensitivity of the image sensor. By adjusting the sensitivity, a picture can be made perfect. If there is plenty of light then use low or basic ISO and if the light is low then use high ISO.

So these are basic and most useful professional tips to make your photographs outstanding with more wow factors.

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