What do Your Nails Tell about Your Health?

Every part of our body defines the state of our health in certain ways. Yes, every part of our body which means nails too defines your health in many ways. Strong and healthy nails aren’t just because you have had a perfect manicure, it represents that you are in good health as well. While the weak or brittle or discolored nails might be the symptoms of bad health. Here is what your nails tell about your health:

  1. Yellow nails:

Yes, you might say that nails tend to get yellowish with the age, but sometimes it is a simple consequence of using acrylic nails or nail lacquers too. If you are using these extensively or paint your nails regularly, you might face this problem. The only remedy is to take a break from it and give your nails some time to recover naturally. Yes, they can be recovered naturally against this problem but you have to give it some time. Another possible cause for yellow nails is smoking which often leads to nail staining, giving a tinge of yellow on nails.

  1. Horizontal Ridges

If you see side-to-side ridges on your nails, there are majorly two causes that trigger it. First might be the direct trauma to the nail while the second is a bit more complex. It is when you see these ridges on more than one nail, and then it might be due to serious illness. This is only because the defense mechanism of the body is working hard for fighting against the illness and not diverting its efforts for making nails. A drug reaction is another cause that triggers these transverse ridges across nail plates.

  1. Dry, cracked and brittle nails

This is quite a common problem faced by many people. Brittle nails are often the consequence of nail plates all dried up. The reasons behind this dryness are many including excessive use of nail paint remover, low-humidity environment, swimming, and many more. Exposure to chemicals which are used for cleaning is another cause of dryness. However, if you face the problem of brittle nails in excess, it’s better to consult a doctor. This is one of the side effects when the thyroid functions slowly in the body.

The remedy to cracked nails is to slather them with the lotions to restore the natural moisture. Like our skin, our nails are absorbent too and the moisturizing lotion can help against dryness.

  1. Spoon nails

This is the problem where the nails become quite thin and they become concave in their shape as well. This might be one of the symptoms of Anaemia due to the deficiency of iron. Consult your doctor and they might suggest you add some iron supplements to your routine.

  1. Clubbing

Clubbing is when the finger ends tend to swell up which results in curved and rounded nails. This problem is quite serious. It might be one of the signs of liver and kidney disease. Hence, it is suggested to consult a doctor in case if you experience this.

So, don’t take your nails too lightly, they depicts your health as well.

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