What Scissors Do Barbers Use in Australia?

A professional is known from the tools he has. We all have scissors in our tool sets but our scissors are not of the same quality and strength as the scissors owned by the professional barbers. They have all the professional tools to get your haircutting underway. A barber generally has a set of a few scissors, combs, a trimmer, a clipper, a shaver, a razor, a towel, a few hair capes and similar things. However, the most important tool for him is the scissor. He needs to have professional quality scissors in order to get that perfect haircut.

Barbers tend to use different scissors when cutting hair. Different scissors serve different purposes. For instance, a few scissors are used for thinning hair while a few can cut hair. In Australia, barbers use different scissors for different reasons. We are here to explore the scissors used by barbers in Australia. Following are the barber scissors often used by the professionals in Australia!

Regular Scissors

The most basic scissors used in Australia by the barbers are the regular scissors. These scissors have evolved a hundred generations. The design of these scissors is pretty straightforward and these scissors are used for regular haircuts. These scissors possess handles that always feature a finger rest as an addition. It offers the barber more control and cutting precision. There are different types of blades possessed by these scissors such as convex and beveled blades. Beveled blades have an angled edge and are more suitable for tapered and layered haircuts. On the other hand, convex blades have a curved edge and offer precise and smooth cutting.

Thinning Scissors

These scissors are also known as texturizing scissors at times. Thinning scissors have blades with one side or both having teeth ; otherwise, they look similar to regular scissors. These scissors can remove a few hairs and thin them without causing a massive change in the haircut. These scissors are used for cutting remarkably thick hair. These scissors can soften the hairs and take out sections of hair. You need to be careful when using thinning shears because they can be dangerous at times. Also, these scissors are not used very often by the Australia barbers, only when needed to thin hair.

Straight Razor

These are not necessarily scissors but they serve a similar purpose i-e cutting hair. Most Australian barbers tend to use straight razors in order to straighten out the sideburns and clean up the back of the neck. These razors can also be used for cutting hair, and Australian barbers tend to do that. Yes, these razors are often used in combination with combs to texturize the hair and leave jagged lines. They almost work as thinning scissors and other barber hairs, but only professional barbers can provide the desired results. They are often used towards the end of the haircut. As it sounds, it can be dangerous and may cause some pain but that temporary pain is worth the result.

Where to Buy Barber Scissors in Australia?

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