Why Adopting Pets is Better than Buying?

Some angels choose fur instead of wings”.

By now you have understood what we’re talking about. We are talking about why it is better to adopt a pet. Research studies have shown that pets have some really positive effects on the people or families adopting them. Instead of buying it from a store, you can easily get them from animal shelters. Here is why adopting pets from shelters is way better than buying them:

Adoption can save a life

Animals out for adoption are in the need of second chances. Usually, these dogs are abandoned, lost or given up by the former owners. The society treats them nothing less than unwanted. They are helpless and need someone. By adopting these from several adoption shelters, you are saving a life which actually needs it the most.

You can contribute to stopping mass breeding cruelty

Many commercial pet breeding institutions and backyard breeders all across the world are indulged in mass breeding of animals so that they can be sold via stores. The bad thing is that they repeatedly impregnate female animals like dogs and cats. These are captured in cages and spend their entire life more like a “machine” producing babies without any companionship from humans. Moreover, the environment is unhealthy and intolerable, but these animals are just forced to produce broods again and again. They are merely an asset used for making money. Adopting from animal shelter minas you can stop this cruelty. As more people tend to adopt rather than buying, these institutions can finally put a stop on their cruel practices on these animals.

You can get an already trained pet

Puppies and kittens are great, but adult pets aren’t that bad either; In fact, they are not bad at all. They are great and are already housetrained in most cases. This means you don’t have to struggle through their “kitten or puppy phase”. They can easily adapt to the environment of your place and love you the same.

You can easily adopt a purebred

Not many people are a big fan of “mixed breed”. The good news is that you can easily find the purebred animals in local animal shelters and rescue shelters. These shelters rescue many dogs and you can easily find the exact breed of dog you want. A mixed breed has 50% or more of the breed you desire, but a pure breed is exactly what you’re looking for.

You are not saving one life but two

When you adopt one dog from these shelters, you’re not only saving the life of the dog you adopted but of one other dog that can now be rescued and get its home in the shelter. How wonderful it is to save two beautiful lives in your one life.

It’s not the pet that is rescued or is adopted, it is you too that is rescued and adopted by the pet. Animals tend to be more loyal than humans and these pets without even knowing become the inevitable part of every family. How beautiful it is to have someone waiting just for you at home without any expectations? How beautiful it is to be loved for just existing? Adopt a pet now and the pet will adopt you too.

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