Why do girls on periods love chocolates?

If you're on your period you might usually crave chocolate or sweet treats, you just want the pleasure of relishing it but you might not know why. Chocolate has many benefits, some of these are very beneficial to the body and if you haven't tried chocolate when on your period, after learning more, you might want to give chocolates a try.

Chocolate has a way of easing the pain a little. Research has found that when women are on their menstrual cycle, chocolate serves as a way to distract them from their pain and misery. While also, consuming chocolate helps bottle down hormonal imbalances that occur during a menstrual cycle. In this way, it regulates mood swings which would otherwise be on a rampage.


But a woman should note the type of chocolate she eats, as not all chocolate is good for health, especially while on periods. Chocolate if consumed in moderation can be really good for you, especially dark chocolate which is iron-rich food. When on your period you lose blood, hence you might feel weak, therefore your craving for chocolate could be your body's way of telling you that you need to increase your haemoglobin. As dark chocolate is an excellent source of iron, consuming some of it can help you improve your blood haemoglobin levels.

Another benefit of dark chocolate is that it has the power of energizing and boosting mood. And these powers of dark chocolate come from the caffeine present in it as well as other stimulants present, hence when you feel you're running low on energy take a bite of some dark chocolate you'll feel your energy revitalising.

Chocolate also helps in relaxing muscles and can relieve menstrual cramps. Dark chocolate contains magnesium which is an effective remedy for sore muscles, consuming a bit of it can considerably relieve stomach pain. Therefore young women unknowingly crave chocolate as it sometimes works wonders during those tiresome few days.


Although there are advantages to indulging in too much chocolate, one should consume chocolate in moderation. Chocolate if consumed in excess can increase the chances of stomach pain, as well as the increased body heat which can lead to excess bleeding therefore intake, has to be regulated as well the kind of chocolate that you consume should be monitored. As you better understand the benefits of consuming chocolate and why you crave it, you will also keep track of your intake and regulate chocolate consumption.

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