Why Everyone Should Have Regular Exercise Schedule

There is a saying in Hindi “Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaya”. Like we say in English “Health is Wealth”. It is considered that the first happiness for every person in this universe is a healthy body. By healthy body we mean that the person is good in all ratios of fitness. Every one in this universe wants a healthy body. If a person wants healthy body then they must follow a good routine. This good routine may contain exercise, walking, yoga, cycling, good eating habits etc. If a person does 30 minutes of exercise and yoga daily then they can live a healthy life.

Benefits of doing exercise:-There are a lot of benefits of doing exercise on regular basis. If a person who is fit and now willing to stay healthy for their rest of life then they must follow a good schedule. Even if a normal person does exercise daily for 30 minutes then they can leave a healthy life.

Starting exercise and see benefits in yourself:-When we think of exercise then the first question that comes to our mind is that what type of exercise and how we can start doing exercise? If a person is fit then he or she only needs to do exercise for only 15 minutes to half hour to live a healthy life. And this routine of regular exercise may save that person from a lot of common diseases like obesity, diabetes, thyroid etc. If a person do exercise daily then they feel active whole day. The people who do exercise daily carry more happiness then a person who did not follow any exercise or physical activity. Exercise helps us to think positive by filling good and positive energy in us. A person who does exercise daily can live 20 – 30 years more than a person who does not follow an exercise routine. If a person do exercise daily then they can overcome the biggest enemy of their success i.e. laziness.

Exercise for different- different body types:- Now after knowing this much benefits of exercise the question arises to our mind is that what type of exercise a person needs to do. A person can do exercise in any forms like any physical activity comes under exercise and they can also follow the Pranayama routine which gives a person peace from inside as well as a healthy body. If a person regularly walks at least 3 km then he or she does not need to do any physical exercise as walking 3 km is also a good exercise for them. If a person walks regularly in morning and evening then he or she can live a healthy life. If a person wants to lose weight then exercise can help them a lot. For losing weight a person can do exercise in form of running, cardio weight loss exercise, aerobics, Zumba and other form of dance. By doing dancing weight loss exercise a person can see increase in grace of their body as compared to earlier. This exercise can be also fun routine for them and a medium of relaxing and feeling good about themselves. So exercise is beneficiary in many aspects all you need is to follow regular exercise routine.

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