Why Indian Education System Needs To Be Updated?

The Indian education system that was started by the British rulers who ruled in India for around 200 years needs to be updated because at that time they started this education system to make clerks or to prepare Indians for some sought of jobs and we are still following the same and this needs to be changed.

We can take inspiration from other developed countries that we need to adopt the way they are nurturing their kids and their much-developed education system.

1. Does not test intelligence tests memory: This education system is not designed to test your intelligence it is only meant to check how much a student can cram before the exams. The students just cram and vomit everything in the paper whatever they have studied the night before and after the exams, they might not even remember the things that they have studied.

2. It does not help students to find their field of interest: It is a very sad reality of our education system that we are unable to help students their field of interest. We are only teaching them the fields that make the most money. We are not creating more artists, dancers, athletes all we are creating are engineers, doctors, CAs, etc. who will definitely make more money but will never have job satisfaction and eventually life satisfaction.

3. Is unable to find student’s capabilities: We don’t have the curriculum to find the student’s interest. If a student is interested in suppose let’s say dancing is your passion and you are really amazing at it but you still have to go through science, mathematics, social studies and what not. There is no need that a dancer should know the calculus, he/she should be completely focused on dancing but apparently, it is not possible in our education system.

4. We are just preparing them to earn: Forget about their passions we are not even able to make them a better person we are just preparing them to earn. We only teach the methods by which they can earn. The inclusion of moral science a subject that will teach students real lessons such as honesty, the power of truth, etc. as in today’s world these basic values are very rare to find and we need to take it very seriously. The number of crimes is continuously increasing and we need to blame our education system because in a child if we don’t embed good qualities the result will be even worse. Although I know that parents are also responsible for a children’s upbringing. But it is the school where a child learns the most so in order to make a change we need to make a change in our education system.

Remember if we don’t focus on talent and keeps on making students money making machine we are soon going to be in trouble. Don’t make learning a torture process and let kids decide where their interest lies in and by this everyone will be happy and they will be much more successful in life.

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