Why Should You Plant On Wall Mounted Planters

A wall mounted planter is an excellent way to have an indoor garden and reap all the advantages of indoor plants. With such a set, you can have indoor plants in your living room, dining hall, bedroom, or any commercial setup for aesthetic and health purposes. You don’t need to be intelligent enough to find what plants are beneficial for your indoor garden. With a simple search on Google or any search engine, you can easily find the list of beneficial indoor plants. For thousands of years, plants have been beneficial to human health. Here are a few health benefits of planting indoor plants on hanging planters:

Clear the air pollutants

NASA has done many studies on how plants clean the air in its space stations. As per the findings of these studies, plants absorb air pollutants such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide in enclosed test chambers. The findings suggest that they remove volatile organic compounds like toluene, ozone, and benzene that are highly harmful to human health in a highly enclosed space. Plants also clear dust and other particulars, which can cause chronic respiratory issues, from the air around them.

Improve the relative humidity of an enclosed space

Plants can increase the humidity of indoor spaces and bring it to a level, which is beneficial to human health. In dry seasons, a low humidity level can trigger cold and make wood get dried faster. And this dryness leads wood to have cracks easily. Numerous people have said that some plants increase indoor relative humidity too much. However, there is no scientific proof to back this saying. It doesn’t happen very often and plants’ water loss rate goes down when humidity is at its prime level. So, you need to water your planted plants in the wall mounted planters regularly.

Keep the indoor atmosphere cool

The weather is cooler in the green area in comparison with the one with no plants/trees. It means planting plants in the hanging planters will help you keep your indoor space cool, even in summer. This cool atmosphere can help you lower your electricity bills in summers.

Lower loud and harsh sound

Apart from air cleaning, indoor plants can absorb the outer sounds and diffract & reflect the same on their foliage. Such effects are based on the sound frequency plants encounter. However, indoor plants diffract and absorb most of the sounds and reduce the one that is harsh to human hearing. It means you can reduce noise pollution with indoor plants.


In the contemporary world, many of you can’t be close to nature. However, a wall mounted planter can help you bring nature close to you and have all the benefits of indoor plants.

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