Why Warming-Up is “a-must” in Prior to a Workout?

We know the temptation of an intense workout might make you skip a good and moderate warm-up. But do you know that warming up before these strenuous activities are very advantageous? Not only it has some extensive physiological benefits, but it also benefits psychologically too. Here are some tips to have a good warm-up followed by its significance.

Basic tips for warming up

  1. The first thing is to keep your warm-up very concise. You don’t want to spend all your energy on it. It can start with a very mild activity that ranges from10-15 minutes.

  2. Dynamic stretching which includes the continuous moment of a body is way better than static stretching where the body stays in one position. The sudden stretching of “cold muscles” might lead in some serious injury.

  3. The warm-up also varies as the exercises do. For instance, if you are going for a run or for jogging, warm up starts with slow-paced walking followed by the brisk walk and then running. It ensures that the intensity of the activity is increased gradually. If you are into activities like yoga, then warm-up includes mild stretching, cat-cow sequences, etc. The warm-up here targets for letting the muscles loosen up.

Significance of “Warm-Up”

  1. Increase in muscle temperature:

One of the biggest benefit of a good warm-up before exercise is that it leads to an increase in muscle temperature. These warm muscles are then easily contracted and even relaxed without even diverting any extra force. It will eventually reduce the chances of any overstretching which might become results in some serious muscle injury. Also, the warm-up before exercise helps in warming the whole body which means your muscle elasticity is improved automatically. This will help you with your speed enhancement as well boost your strength.

  1. It prepares you mentally

A mindset is equally important for an intense workout session. The warm-up sets the tone for the body to what’s coming next. It is also a good time to prepare you mentally for the upcoming events. You can clear all your mind while reviewing the skills to incorporate for your workout. This ensures that you don’t feel the sudden intensity of the workout. Warm-up starts with mild stretching to prepare your body for an upcoming intense session.

  1. Dilution in blood vessels

Warm-up before exercise is the only way to prepare your body for a good workout. Warm-up leads to increase in blood flow which means an improved cardiovascular system. It puts less stress on the heart and improved the whole cardiac system of the body as well.

  1. A rise in blood temperature

You probably are thinking that warm-up is just making everything rise. That’s right; this will help your body to rise well for an intense workout session too. With a good warm-up, the temperature of the blood flowing through our muscles rises too. This risen temperature weakens the bond of oxygen to hemoglobin which makes it quite easy for oxygen to be available for the working muscles. The readily available oxygen also helps in enduring tough sessions of workout for long.

  1. Increase the range of motion

Warming up in prior to an intense workout session helps with the increase in the range of motion. This warm-up session then enables the joints like shoulders and knee joints to attain the maximum potential in their momentum.

Therefore, never miss a warm-up in prior to a workout.

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