5 Essentials to Keep by your Bedside

Your mobile phone is not the only thing you need to have by your bedside. There is a whole deck of things that you need to keep handy by your bedside for making bedtime more enjoyable and easier. So for this post, we are discussing a few essentials that you need to keep by your bedside table for a more convenient bedtime:

1. Alarm Clock

We know you probably are thinking, what’s the need for the alarm clock when you have a mobile phone. Many of you set alarm on it. But believe us, alarm clock can give you the little pleasure of life. Glancing at it from your bedside and realising you have a few more hours to sleep or snuggle is the best thing which is totally inexplicable. Moreover, it will serve its function well by not letting you drift back again in your dreamland.

2. Sources of light

Yes, the first essential that you need to have by your bedside is a good light source. It can be a well-chosen lamp that will add a big dash of style as well or a scone just above your headboard if you don’t have enough space for a lamp. It is very important as it will help you both in reading as well for night-time preparations.

The tip here is that if you’re having a lamp, and then place it around three inches taller than the bedside height. The reasons are that if you’re planning to read, the light will not because of any strain in the eye as it will fall directly where it is needed - on the book.

Other than this you can have a scented candle too by your nightstand. It sets the perfect mood for spending some quality romantic time with your partner.

3. Pen and paper

Inspiration is not bound to any o’ clock. You never know when it strikes and you need to have something to write it down every time. Also, there are times when we remember some things all of a sudden and they need to be penned down so that we don’t miss out on them again. Therefore you need to have a pen and paper by your bedside every time.

Keep a journal as well in which you can simply write a few things you are grateful for and the plan or the to-do list for the next day. They are like baby steps which will help you in leading a happier life.

4. A glass of water

Always keep a glass of water handy by your bedside. The last thing you want is to pad down to the kitchen amidst the night just to grab a glass of water in case you are thirsty or you need relief after a nightmare.

5. Beauty products

We are not saying that you have to have all the items of your dressing to be transferred to your nightstand. Few items like the hand cream, eye cream, lip balm or chapstick are necessary. Hand cream is obviously to keep you away from itchy and flaky skin. You can apply it before going to bed. Eye cream will help you in waking up fresher with no more puffy eye bags. You can even have an eye mask as well for you.

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