Best Proven Study Plan For Getting Best CA Foundation Results 2020

Study plans are very important for the students to crack the CA paper with ease. A student if has a proper study plan then it becomes much convenient for him/her to crack the CA examination. In order to get the best CA Foundation Result Nov 2020, the students need to work very hard. Study plans prove to be much effective in scoring the highest marks in the exams.

VSI Jaipur uses an excellent teaching methodology that helps students in the long run. Students become capable of cracking the toughest paper in India. VSI Jaipur has the best study plan designed for aspiring CA candidates. The success graph of the institute has risen by breaking the historical records every year. Students at VSI Jaipur get mentored by the experienced faculty. In the CA Foundation Result Nov 2019, the VSI students have given spectacular performances and secured remarkable top All India Rank.

On every weekend the conduction of mock tests prepares the students thoroughly for the main examination. Top AIR ranks are secured by the VSI students by cracking the CA Exams. VSI steals the spotlight because of its assured study plan and effective teaching methodology. In the CA Foundation Result Nov 2020 students have performed spectacularly well, waiting for CA Foundation 2020 Result Date.

What if Students don’t prepare a study plan for CA Foundation?

If students don’t prepare a study plan for CA Foundation then it becomes difficult for them to crack the CA paper. Without a study plan, students may feel burdened with the vast syllabus of CA. Study plans help the students to study in an organized manner. With a strict and organized study schedule, things become easy to grasp. Utmost importance is given to the study plan. The dedicated students are eagerly waiting for the CA Foundation Result Date 2020 to know their scores.

Negligence in the study plan can cause great loss to the candidates. As only an organized study pattern can work efficiently. One should try to finish a particular subject/Topic within a specified time limit. One can acquire more knowledge this way and also retain the topics for long hours. It is a must to have the study plan to have more time for revision. Most of the coaching institutes design a proper study plan format. VSI designs the best study format for all its aspiring candidates. In the CA Foundation Result 2020, students are looking forward to cracking the paper just because they had a good study plan.

What is the format of the VSI CA study plan?

The VSI CA study plan possesses the following format. Students should follow the schedule mentioned below to attain success in the main CA exams.


2 hours




Morning and Evening


2 hours





Advance Accounting

2 hours




Morning and Evening


2 hrs





The whole syllabus and essential topics are revised under the CA study plan. To clear the CA examination in one single and first attempt it is essential that the student should devote at least ten to fourteen hours daily. The syllabus can be divided as per convenience to study in a better way. One should opt for the difficult topics at first and the easy ones at last. It will take months of study to become an eminent CA.

It is advised to have a strict timetable so that the revision process can be completed before the exams will start.VSI possesses a well-structured study plan. The tentative study plan designed by VSI is the most efficient one for the candidates to obtain the best CA Foundation Result.

The details of the VSI (Best CA Institute in India) study plan are listed below:-

Study hours:- At least ten to twelve hours daily.

Subjects for daily revision:- Accounts, Advance accounting(4 hours practical daily), Cost accounting

Subjects for weekly revision:- Economics, Law, etc. (Fix week's one day)

Subjects for the fortnight revision (14 days): Audit, Enterprise Information System

  • The studies should be done in a proper study area with peaceful surroundings.
  • The room should have proper lighting and comfortable sitting.
  • For the effective study, the student should sit in the correct posture.
  • One must prepare neat notes with all the important points underlined for a better understanding of the topic.
  • The updated syllabus compilers must be used.

The right time to study for CA Foundation 2021: VSI Jaipur

Students can excel in the CA exams if they have the internal dedication and required persistence to crack the paper. Students should pursue the study plan if they want to obtain the best results in the CA Foundation Exam 2021. It takes 7 months of hardcore preparation to crack the CA paper. Goals and targets should be set by the students. With a proper study plan, only one can finally complete the CA course. The best study plan of VSI Jaipur (Best CA Institute in India) is mentioned below:-

1st Month: The Beginning

Handwritten notes of the subjects and topics should be prepared to study on a daily basis. In the first month, one can easily cover the practical aspects of any chapter. One can gain maximum output in the final exam with effective teaching by the VSI faculty.

2nd Month: The Dicey

In the second month, it’s time for students to have all their focus on the main theoretical part of the tedious subject. Students need to cram certain things to score well in the papers.

3rd Month: The Practicality

Students at this stage must approach all their problems having a practical approach. They should analyze the topics repetitively for better understanding. Proper understanding of the core concepts is essential to achieve a great CA Foundation Result.

4th Month: The Doubtful

In the fourth month, the students should get all the mandatory topics crystal clear in their heads. If students face any doubt then they can resolve it by taking the help of their seniors. To attain great CA Foundation Result it is very essential to do the hard work.

5th Month: The Concentration

The students must have a proper concentration on all the important topics. They should seek guidance from their teachers to attain the best CA Foundation result.

6th Month: The Rampage

The sixth month is the time to have the rampage. Collectively one should have a study plan. Under the guidance of the teachers, the remaining topics must be reviewed properly.

7th Month: The Stillness

In the last month, one should avoid being tense or overwhelmed. One must try to have a stable mind in this duration. One should try to be mentally fit. This is the time to feel confident about your preparation and think positive.


We see that the Best CA Foundation Results can be achieved by having a proven study plan. A well-scheduled study plan is mandatory to crack the CA paper. One should follow the advice recommended by the expert faculties to perform with full potential in the CA exams. Consistent efforts should be made in the daily preparation of the CA syllabus. VSI is the most trusted institute which offers excellent Online classes and possesses the best study plan for the students. At VSI, the expert faculty is always there to support and guide the CA aspirants to achieve the best CA Foundation Result.

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