How to Ignore the other Person Ignoring you for your Own “Peace of Mind”?

Having a person ignore you makes you question yourself. The feeling is so brutal that it actually makes you feel nothing less than CRAP. But what if we tell you that you can use this frustrating thing in your favour and give it back to him on his face? Yes, ignoring the person who is ignoring you will help you in gaining your confidence back. Here is how you can ignore him and get your peace of mind back:

Keep yourself busy

The first thing is to keep yourself busy as only then you aren’t thinking about who is or isn’t paying enough attention. You don’t have to seem like not caring, but you have to “not care” for real. It’s quite obvious that he is nowhere even a bit concerned, so why are you all bothering yourself so much over him. You can work upon your passion; indulge in anything you wanted to do for so long, start giving time to your work more, etc. In simple terms, you just have to do anything that can keep your mind off him.

Talk to your friends or someone else

We all are social animals and somewhere craves human attention. Therefore you can reach out to a friend to talk to or better vent about the person ignoring you. Gradually you start feeling that the person is not worth your time or attention and you can easily take your mind off him as well.

Benefit of doubt

This isn’t technically the thing that you really are preparing yourself for which is ignoring. But sometimes confrontation helps you in getting a better perspective. You can tell him how you feel about him ignoring you now for so long. He might be busy for real or stuck somewhere. Give him the benefit of the doubt. But even then his behaviour isn’t changed; you know that you deserve a lot better.

Try leaving your phone

Our generation and smartphones go hand in hand. Phones have become an indispensable part of our daily schedules and life that the mere idea o leaving it can petrify anyone. But for your own peace of mind, it is necessary. Therefore ditch your phone for some time. it will help you in ignoring him easily and your mind can take a rest of all this as well. No phones mean there is no way to connect with him- no DMs, No texts, No calls, anything.


We know how frustrating it is to be ignored. But if he is doing so, you have to let him know what in life is he missing on. Therefore the best way is to channel your anger in exercise. Go for a run; join any dance class or yoga sessions, anything that can help you in any way. While dance and yoga can help you in calming your nerves down, a run will help you in relieving all the anger.

There are many ways in which you can ensure to take the lead of your life and to move on for better.

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