The Reasons to Sell home fast to a home investor over a Conventional Realtor

Selling a house is one of the most challenging and stressful tasks and more so if one hast to sell the house fast. Many studies have revealed that people find selling a house even more stressful as compared to divorce or bankruptcy.

It becomes quite difficult if you have to sell the house quickly either due to a new job, financial constraints, divorce, or estate settlement. When faced with the prospect of urgency, many individuals may seem to make impulsive decisions that may result in selling the house in less amount than its value. Many young homeowners may find it quite tough to sell the house due to limited knowledge and not having any previous experience selling a house.

Options of Selling the House Fast

First, you need to have a list of all the options you can pursue to sell the house. Then you have to align your reasons and circumstances that will help you make an informed decision. Some of the options you may have to sell a home quickly are

  • Contacting a home investor who buys the house as it is and pays cash
  • Employing a real estate agent or realtor who has a proven track record of selling homes quickly
  • Advertise sale of your home through online ads and across social media platform
  • Going to an auction and allowing bidders to make an offer for your house
  • Selling your house by yourself to a potential homebuyer but you may not know the details and paperwork required to properly make the sale of a home

Hiring a realtor is the traditional and most common option for selling a house. Almost 89% of homeowners hire a real estate agent, but this option means having to wait for months until your house is finally sold. Hiring a realtor may not be the most suitable option for a person having to sell a house fast to get an instant cash payment.

You may come across top real estate agents who agree to sell your home fast and for higher value, but still, there are many things to consider such as listing the house, preparing the house (repair and renovation, home appraisals), waiting for as long as 3 months for sale, and paying a small percentage of the sale as fees or commission to the real estate agent.

Why Selling to a Home Investor is the fastest way to sell a house

The fastest way to sell a home is arguably selling it to a home investor as the investor will buy the house as it is and you would not have to perform costly repairs, do expensive renovation, or even paint the house. However, one may not be able to get extensive profits from the sale as a home investor usually offers a price of 20% to 30% less than the market value.

Home investors usually offer a price little less than market demand as they buy a house as it is and would need to further spend money depending on the extent of repairs, replacement, and renovation it needs. The sale of the house depends on various factors apart from the method you chose, such as the average sale price of houses in your neighborhood, the market situation, and mortgage rates.

Certain real estate investing companies offer to sell home fast in Dallas along with a cash amount within one or two weeks and fast closing. You can sign up on the website, fill an inquiry form, or directly call to book an appointment with a real estate investor.

How selling a house to a Home Investor works

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, the investor does not even need to visit the house and simply use a valuation software that shows similar properties and prices. The software allows the investor to judge the current value of the property and make an offer.

It is very likely that within 24 hours you will get a call and various offers will be discussed based on how fast you need to sell the house and the possible sale amount. You have the discretion to accept or decline the offer, but mostly the offers made are justified, and homeowners usually accept them and look to get cash as quickly as possible.

Once you have accepted the offer, you will be asked to fill the necessary paperwork. A solicitor will be appointed, and surveyors can also be appointed on the homeowner’s request. A valuation report would be generated, and a final price would be given. As a homeowner, you can schedule a suitable date, and the sale will be completed, and funds will be transferred or given as cash within a week. The advantages of selling the house to a home investor are

  • House is sold in the current condition

The investor is not interested in buying the house in the hopes of living in it as a potential homebuyer would. The home investor would like to buy even old and dilapidated houses in the hopes of remodeling them and then selling them for a profit. The house is sold as it is, which is not possible in conventional means of selling the house through a realtor.

  • No need to spend money on repairs or renovation

Usually, homeowners have to prepare the house so that potential homebuyers can give a profitable offer to purchase the house. Preparing a house means spending a considerable amount doing numerous repairs, renovating the house, repainting the house, and decorating the house. On the contrary, a home investor can buy a house and even pay cash without asking you to do repairs or remodeling.

  • No commission payments or closing costs

The average time it takes to sell your house to an investor and get cash is two weeks. The best advantage is that you do not need to pay any commission or closing cost that is common in traditional means of selling a house.

Selling the house to a home investor is the best option for either going through a divorce, relocating due to a new job, or potential foreclosure. You do not need to do any preparations or go through days of stress and sell your house as fast as in a week by selling it to a home investor.

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