Why you should Value your “me time”?

Instead of being called social animals, why we humans crave so much for “alone time”. the reason is quite simple for one’s own self being and for one’s own development as a person. Alone time of me time is incredibly valuable if you make the most of it as the more time you spend with yourself, the more communicative and engaging your conversations are with others. It will create empathy for others as well. For this post, we are discussing why you should value your “me time”:

For nurturing your creativity

Alone time is very crucial especially when it comes to meta-cognition, a process where we dedicate ourselves to critically think and reflect about our own thoughts. This helps us in coming up with a new and fresh perspective. Being alone means to unplug yourself from other people and their thoughts that influence our thoughts and actions even when we don’t realise it that often.

As you step away for yourself from people, you give yourself a chance to think. It nurtures your uniqueness and speciality.

For tuning in with your things

As we grow up, most of our time is either devoted to work or family or both. In this hustle bustle, we often forget ourselves and doing what we like to do is not that easy. Amidst these, many people even lose sight of what they want to do for so long.

Therefore it is necessary to take some alone time for yourself. The sole purpose is to unplug yourself from everyone for some time and just tune in and listen to you and the voice within. It will help you in knowing about the deepest desire that you can work upon that you have been suppressing for so long.

This little freedom of taking lead or taking action on things you like is quite nurturing for your peace of mind.

For knowing yourself better

For most of the time, we surround ourselves with people just to feel less lonely. But we forget that with all this coming in from outside, we often suppress our inner voice or sometimes are unable to even listen to it.

Happiness is an inside job. For knowing about the things that make you happy in small or big ways, it is very essential to spend some time alone. When you’re with people, you’re not you but just a mere respondent to others. Your thoughts, your actions and even your feelings everything become more of a reaction to others.

As a result, people often spend their whole life in finding happiness in others forgetting that it was there in them from the very beginning. Spend some time with yourself to connect with yourself better. It will help you in knowing the little moments that can make you happy and the big ways that are complete bliss for you.

For solving the problems in a better way

You can never reach the solution to the problem in the same environment where it is created for the first time. Sometimes we trap ourselves in those same surroundings thinking about our problem in a certain way and not finding the way out. But if you spend some time with yourself away from everyone else, you are breaking your regular pattern of thoughts.

This me time will lead to shifting in your perception and perspective towards the problem. As a result, you start to think about the problem in a totally different way. You may come up with the solution or even a new way of thinking that will eventually lead you to the solution.

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