Benefits of Asset Management Software For Health And Safety Management

In order to manage the processes of scheduling, dispatching, and other activities within an organization in an effective way, field service management systems should be introduced.

The major thing that comes as an issue is health and safety management. Before moving to the software which facilitates safety and health management by managing assets, let us have a look at the basic idea around which they have been built.

So, asset management for health and safety basically refers to the study which deals with the ways and methods implemented to manage assets efficiently and also the measures which are introduced to see to the ‘health’ of assets.

Suitable actions which need to be taken in order to accomplish the same is also included in this. These measures can sometimes overlap in their intended scope and fields.

Also, taking considering the fact that the same acronym has been in use to describe multiple approaches of different natures, asset management has become a field of difficulty to discuss.

Asset health management for health and safety can be considered as a subset of general asset management. Field service management being the discussion agenda here, we move towards details of how these systems are implemented to manage health and safety.

There are certain major taxonomies to be taken into account while diving into this topic. Some of them are:

Diagnostics- This is a method used to determine the health of assets as per current records.

Prognostics-This deals with keeping a record of how the health of the asset is likely to change in the future.

Maintenance-This deals with restoring and providing a usable life to an asset.

Next arises the concept of managing the health of multiple assets. This is termed as fleet health management.

Health management: standards and examples

Certain standards have been introduced to manage assets. Examples of the same are Open O&M and MSG-3. Also, the methods implemented for this purpose are IVHM, Built-in_self-test, Built-in_test_equipment, HUMS.

Health and safety management software: Benefits

Health and Safety are concepts that are getting bigger and more complex with time. Every other day, there are bundles of records to be maintained. All workplaces consider health and safety programs as an important factor.

This can form quite an efficient learning curve for the entire staff that is included in the process. Health and safety management software go a mile ahead to work towards reducing the risk for any company and to look towards the fact that everyone is abiding by the laws.

We will now be moving to the benefits of using health and safety management software that are available around. Here are some of the ways in which these can improve businesses:

Streamlining the data: Usage of online and offline forms will aid the staff and management people to gather any vital details which might be depending on the incident. These forms can be adjusted accordingly based on customized needs. Also, this can be done without foregoing any important information which is in existence with any newly introduced standards and regulations.

Efficiency: Reports and information can be streamlined by tracking and storing them in an area that is easy to access.

Consistency: Consistency is required during the entire procedure of collecting data and filling it. Health and safety management software increases accuracy and is some tasks are carried out on a repeated basis, then these help the staff to follow some procedures by facilitating them to remember vital pieces of information.

Saving money: By making a stay on the favorable side of the law and by putting forward a reliable package of information in the form of databases as it may be required during the course of any incident, the chances of any business suffering from penalties and other legal consequences become less likely.

Remote usage of the software: Mobile applications aid a lot in reporting information when we don’t have access to our office. So, in order to remotely access the information, synchronization can be established between the office database and our phone.

Compliance: A major concern in any Health and Safety program is keeping compliant and more so if the staff isn’t well acquainted with new processes. Health and Safety programs can help in updating and informing the staff about the new regulations in order for businesses to operate inside of the law.

Listing down some software: Examples

The amount of challenges and pressure scenarios faced by safety professionals is of great intensity.

In order to maintain a workplace that is safe and secure, all the risk factors need to be well assessed and also, future crisis situations can be prevented by developing and implementing good measures. Some of the software which helps us to achieve these goals are:

Cority’s Health & Safety software:

This has been built with a vision to deal with health and safety management challenges cropping up in the system in this 21st century. This has proven to be quite a powerful, innovative and output yielding software solution.

Cority enables efficient management of compliance related to risk and regulation. It has a team of well-functioning safety management professionals who have spent more than a decade studying and analyzing this field.

Corner-i: In this case, a strategic approach is used to manage assets and the risks associated with them. A principle put forward by BS ISO 55000: Asset Management — Overview, Principles, and Terminology are taken into consideration. It states that “an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization”.

Lack of maintenance in managing the assets leads to their deterioration. This can impact health and safety in an unimaginable number of ways and can lead to cropping up of issues on a scale beyond our control.

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