5 Easy Tips To Ace The Long Run

Preparing for the long run? Looking for ways to be on the track for long and achieve the essentials of being a good runner for long distances? Then this post is just for you as we are discussing few tips that will help you in gaining mastery over the long run on tracks. Here it goes:

Prepare your mind first

The first and foremost thing is to commence it with your mind. Yes, preparing your mind is the first thing as you may be anxious about the route or the distance or your training plan. To make it easier, you have to prepare yourself mentally. It can be by visualizing yourself running well and summoning it up strong. Also, trust in the slow process of training and tell yourself you can do it even when everything seems difficult and hard to believe. If you can’t make your mind and take it as a hard thing, believe us it will be a lot harder. But if you convince yourself that you can make it possible and that you can accomplish it, the positive mindset can help you keep going.

Be particular about your nutrition and hydration

For long runs, you need to load your diet with carbs as they provide the body with the energy it needed. Obviously, the carb requirement of the body is dependent upon the duration of the workout. For the run, it is important to consider your nutrition and hydration.

Keep the slow and conversational pace for the long run

Always remember, if you’re preparing for a long run, you don’t have to do it all fast and just rush in. The pace of the long run should be slow so that you can hold on for the long duration of this run. At a slow pace, you can go running for long. The long run is more about covering the distance and put in the effort.

Break the long distance into sections

Sometimes it’s difficult to convince yourself in the long run as it can seem scary. But what really helps here is to break the distance mentally. Instead of fussing over how to run 10 km, you can tell yourself it’s the distance of 2 km and you have to do that for 5 times or you have to run 4 km twice and then just half it (4 km x 2 + 2). Also while preparing in the beginning you can take breaks in between as well. Later you can reduce these breaks as your body pace along with the long distance and fitness level increases.

Refueling mid-run is equally important

Refueling is equally important especially if you are preparing for the long run. For instance, if you’re running for a longer period, let’s say for an hour or over, then it is essential to refuel your body and start taking on calories. It can be gels, powders that you can have mixed with water, chews, nuts, etc.

Although one thing to note here is that taking food in between run isn’t that easy. Also, everyone has different preferences. So choose whatever your body allows and process easily during the run. During the long run, your body also dehydrates and hence hydration is equally substantial

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